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Astrantia bouquet
Astrantia Brautstrauß
Astrantia Max van der Sluis
Astrantia Brautstrauß
Astrantia Ikebana
astrantia winter design
Astrantia Blooms
Astrantia bouquet

Timeless beauty

Astrantia, an enchanting cut flower, exudes delicate charm and intricate beauty. Its blossoms form a fascinating composition, ranging from soft pastel hues to deep jewel tones. What's particularly beautiful about Astrantia is that the central core consists of many tiny flowers, surrounded by bracts.

Astrantia may appear fragile, but it's a resilient flower that fits into various designs. From bridal bouquets to biedermeiers and from wreaths to ikebana arrangements, Astrantia can do it all.

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