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Eurovision Song Contest

In one week from now, the final of the Eurovision Song Contest will take place! A music festival that has been uniting and fraternizing for 65 years. From Albania to Switzerland, the entire ABC of Europe is represented, and since 2015 even Australia has joined this musical event. At the last edition in 2019, Dutch singer Duncan Laurence won with the song Arcade in Tel Aviv. The winning country is allowed to host the Song Contest the following year. So this year, it will be hosted in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.


As official supplier, LM Flower Fashion Productions will take care of the styling of flowers for the Eurovision Song Contest. From the bouquets for the presenters to the opening ceremony, delegation room and the Looklab of Nikkie Tutorials. A tough, but beautiful job in which we wish them lots of success and fun. The theme to which the designs relate is 'Open Up'. The organisation searched for a theme that reflects what the Netherlands stands for and with which the Dutch can identify; a country with an open view of the world, where we stand up for our opinions, with respect for each other.


Eurovision moodboards

FM Group & Marginpar

FM Group, a full-service partner for many florists, will supply the flowers to LM Flower Fashion Productions for the Eurovision Song Contest. As a Preffered Supplier, we were asked to contribute Marginpar flowers to the event. There was no need to think long about that! After months of being ''eventless'', we are happy to participate in this special event.

Thus, it is quite possible that you will see our Eryngium, Hypericum, Clematis, Craspedia, Chasmanthium, Delphinium, Panicum, Alchemilla, Crocosmia or Campanula on TV.

May 18: semifinal 1
May 20: semifinal 2
May 22: finals