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H. & B.R. van den Bosch B.V.

One of the first breeders of Hypericum and owner of the Flair series. H. & B.R. van den Bosch B.V. and Marginpar B.V. have been working together for more than 25 years. We introduced Hypericum as a cut flower on the African continent and we were the first to supply Hypericum outside the Dutch production season. Hypericum is now an essential part of the bouquets and is one of the largest product groups in cut flowers. 

Kwekerij Sinnich BV

Together with our partner Kwekerij Sinnich BV we developed and marketed the well known Eryngium Questar® series. These Eryngium varieties have long been the most popular "decorative thistles" in the market. Our most recent introduction within this range is the Eryngium Magnetar Questar®.

J. van Zoest B.V.

Together with J. van Zoest B.V. we introduced a unique new cut flower: the Clematis Amazing® series. We are the first to supply Clematis as cut flowers year-round. We continue to introduce new Clematis varieties within the "Amazing series®".  Clematis as a cut flower is the example of innovation within the cut flower sector. 

R. de Jong

Relatively new in the field of Astrantia breeding is Ron de Jong. He has developed a wonderful selection of new Astrantia varieties. We exclusively grow a number of De Jong's Astrantia Star® varieties in Kenya, Ethiopia and now also in Zimbabwe; "Billion Star®", "Star of Flame®", "Star of Promise®", "Star of Love®" and "Star of Fire®". 


With Chrysal we work on the best nutrition and care tips for our products. We test and optimise these together, on a daily basis. Our logistics partners are: De Winter Logistics, for logistics from our facility in Aalsmeer to our customers in the Netherlands, and Kuehne Nagel, for export and customs clearance from Africa. 


The majority of our flowers are traded at the various auction centres of Royal FloraHolland in Aalsmeer, Rijnsburg and Naaldwijk, auction Rhein-Maas and Plantion in Ede. In principle, they are available year-round through the Dutch wholesalers. 

We process all our flowers ourselves at our Aalsmeer location, right next to the flower auction. This way we can offer a consistent quality and regularity in supply. 

After a thorough quality check, all flowers are prepared for distribution to the flower auctions and our direct customers. A passionate team ensures that we provide the market with a special package of A1 quality summer flowers every day. 

The marketing and sales of cut flowers is becoming increasingly "virtual". The buyer no longer sees the flowers in real life, so there is a shift. A good virtual product presentation and thorough online information provision is becoming increasingly important. Because we take care of our own handling and processing, we can monitor quality standards so that the online buyer also knows exactly what he is getting. 

Modern processing lines and an automated track & trace system ensure an efficient process.