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H. & B.R. van den Bosch B.V.

One of the first breeders of Hypericum and owner of the Flair series. H. & B.R. van den Bosch B.V. and Marginpar B.V. have been working together for almost 30 years. We introduced Hypericum as a cut flower on the African continent and we were the first to supply Hypericum outside the Dutch production season. 

Kwekerij Sinnich B.V.

Together with our partner Kwekerij Sinnich B.V. we developed and marketed the well-known Eryngium Questar® series. These Eryngium species are the most popular "decorative thistles" on the market. Marginpar is responsible for 85% of all Eryngium production sold through the Dutch auctions. More about the special story of the Questar® series can be read here.

J. van Zoest B.V.

Together with J. van Zoest B.V. we introduced a unique new cut flower: the Clematis Amazing® series. We are the first to supply Clematis as cut flowers year-round. Marginpar produces 99.9% of all cut clematis available. We continue to introduce new Clematis varieties within the Amazing® series. Clematis as a cut flower is the example of innovation within the cut flower sector. Looking for more information? Visit our Clematis Amazing® page, and download the special guide. 

R. de Jong

Ron de Jong developed a wonderful selection of Astrantia varieties named the ‘Star® series’. This series is exclusively grown by Marginpar; in Kenya, Ethiopia and now also in Zimbabwe. Marginpar is market leader in Astrantia: a flower well loved by many florists all over the world. De Jong is a breeder with an eye for the unusual. Other varieties of his are prize winner Talinum ‘Long John’ and Salvia. But that’s not all, more new varieties are being tested as we speak. 

T. J. M. Leenen

Father Theordor and son Martijn Leenen are the breeders of our Crocosmia variety ‘Prince of Orange’, with sizzling orange flowers. Crocosmia looks exotic and is a real eyecather in bouquets. The Leenen family is busy developing new varieties, we hope to extend our Crocosmia range soon. 

Nachtvlinder B.V.

Nachtvlinder B.V. is a true family business. Breeders Peter and Gerda Akerboom and daughter Ellen Akerboom are engaged in breeding various crops. Asters are their specialty. In Kenya we grow their Aster Flash, Milka and Dark Milka. The series will soon be expanded with new shapes and colours. 


Aletta Berbee is breeder of Polianthes. We grow this crop in Tanzania, the stunning flower fields of Polianthes are located at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro. We now have four varieties: Polianthes Elle Pink, Polianthes Elsa Blush, Polianthes Eva Cherise and Polianthes Elvy Ivory.


One of the bigger names among breeders, Danziger is an Israelian floriculture company engaged in breeding cut flowers, annuals and perennials. Several of our flowers come out of the hats of Danziger, for example: Solidago, Gypsophila, Craspedia, Limonium and Scabiosa

Royal van Zanten 

This company has a rich history and has existed for over 150 years. In that time, they have specialised in the breeding and propagation of cut flowers, pot plants and flower bulbs. Our Limonium China series is bred by Royal van Zanten.

van Veen 

Growing Astilbe in Europe? That makes sense! Growing Astilbe in Africa? Not so obvious... And that is precisely why we at Marginpar are so fond of finding exceptions. Gerard and Wim van Veen's Astilbe ended up on one of our farms somewhat by chance. Marginpar's R&D team loves challenges, so they went to work on this Astilbe. Together with van Veen, we looked for the perfect cultivation recipe for this cold loving plant, in a warm climate. In 2020, we succeeded and commercial production could start. From then on, things went fast. In early 2021, we passed the ‘1 million stems’ mark, and by early 2022 that number had doubled. 


HilverdaFlorist focuses on the breeding, propagation and development of an extensive range of cut flowers, and pot and garden plants. Our Limonium Diamond series comes from HilverdaFlorist.


Danish breeder Sakata is our Campanula breeder. Sakata has over one hundred years of experience in developing quality genetics for bedding plants, pot crops and cut flowers. The Campanula Champion series consists of several colours, a superb romantic addition to our range. 

B.D. Flowers 

One of our most recent additions to the breeding team is Jan Star of B.D. Flowers. Their Sanguisorba now grows on our Kenyan and Ethiopian farms, making Sanguisorba year-round available for the first time. Sanguisorba Red Dream® was awarded 2nd place in the Glass Tulip awards 2022. 


Breeder Kitty de Jong from Agrofleur developed the Agapanthus Gletsjer. Kitty stepped into the family business 25 years ago, and decided to further specialise the summer flower nursery. In their breeding programme, they take economic, ecological and sociological developments as their starting point. Crossbreeding is aimed at improved species characteristics that are valuable for the chain and responsible for people and the environment.

Ball Horticultural Company 

Ball has a strong presence in 20 countries on six continents. They live by their founder's motto: "All the Best and Nothing Else." And we couldn't agree more. The breeders at Ball are responsible for our Limonium Skylight and Delphinium Guardian Lavender.


Breeder Herbert Oudshoorn has a passion for unusual varieties. And we share that passion at Marginpar! The extraordinary Scutellaria ‘Tinkerbell’, for example, comes from his pen. This cut flower is so well balanced that it looks as if Mother Nature has done her very best on it. But we know better... thank you Herbert!

De Wet Plant Breeders

Botanist Andy de Wet and horticulturist Quinton Bean from the South African De Wet Plant Breeders specialise in developing new and exciting plant varieties for the international market. From their breeding stables comes the unusual two-coloured Agapanthus Twister.


With Chrysal we work on the best nutrition and care tips for our products. We test and optimise these together, on a daily basis. Our logistics partners are: De Winter Logistics, for logistics from our facility in Aalsmeer to our customers in the Netherlands, and Kuehne Nagel, for export and customs clearance from Africa. 


The majority of our flowers are traded at the various auction centres of Royal FloraHolland in Aalsmeer, Rijnsburg and Naaldwijk, auction Rhein-Maas and Plantion in Ede. In principle, they are available year-round through the Dutch wholesalers. 

We process all our flowers ourselves at our Aalsmeer location, right next to the flower auction. This way we can offer a consistent quality and regularity in supply. 

After a thorough quality check, all flowers are prepared for distribution to the flower auctions and our direct customers. A passionate team ensures that we provide the market with a special package of A1 quality summer flowers every day. 

The marketing and sales of cut flowers is becoming increasingly "virtual". The buyer no longer sees the flowers in real life, so there is a shift. A good virtual product presentation and thorough online information provision is becoming increasingly important. Because we take care of our own handling and processing, we can monitor quality standards so that the online buyer also knows exactly what he is getting. 

Modern processing lines and an automated track & trace system ensure an efficient process.