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Bondeni Flowers produces flowers at a unique location at the foot of Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. This company is fully specialised in the cultivation of cut clematis of the Amazing series®. Bondeni Flowers currently grows Clematis Amazing® Blue Pirouette, Clematis Amazing® Inspiration, Clematis Amazing® London and Clematis Amazing® Havana. Next to that, the Talinum 'Long John' is grown here.  


Just next to Bondeni Flowers, but located more to the west on Kilimanjaro, is Michiru Farm. Varieties from the Clematis Amazing® series (Clematis Amazing® Star River and Clematis Amazing® Oslo) are also grown here and the company is busy developing the Asclepias Heron Series and Gloriosa.


This production company covers 40 hectares of cultivated area and is located just outside of Moshi. Bondeni Machame produces the unique Jatropha "Firecracker", Polianthes tuberosa Pink Sapphire, Miscanthus White & Red Cloud, Chasmanthium, Panicum and several of the Clematis Amazing® varieties: Rome, Kibo, Tokyo, Miami, Inspiration, London and Geneva.

All flowers are exported via Kilimanjaro Airport, which is only a 30-minute drive from the farms.