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The proposed COO Africa promotes our vision and knows how to translate the supporting strategy into concrete year plans that provide structure to the daily operations of growing unique summer flowers. 

As chairman of the management team, you know how to form this into a strong and cohesive team. From this starting point the management team is facilitating and supporting the implementation of the production and crop planning on the farms. 

You know how to merge the farm managers into a team by making decisions together with them and by doing so creating common ground on direction and implementation. Thereafter you facilitate your  team in achieving the shared goals. 

For further growth and development of the business, consistent quality is conditional. This asks for continuous sharing of knowledge and experience gathered by our people or knowledge acquired through third parties. You ensure that this process is properly allocated as to structurally embed the knowledge into the organisation. 

Candidate profile

In order to realise the assignment, we see a balanced, stable and people focused personality with a passion for flowers and demonstrable affinity with agronomy.

Attributes like the ability to unify people, approachability, transparent communication, decisiveness and market orientation are part of your core competencies.  

You embrace the principles of Kaizen and understands the importance of this methodology for improvement of productivity and development of people, teams and company. 


For more information about this position, or for your application, please contact Mr. R. Fernandes on or telephone number +254 722 509 919 / mobile: +254 722 526 768.