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What was on offer?

The first edition of the Floral Fundamentals Open Days has come to a close. A whopping 9 flower companies opened their doors to visitors from the industry. At some, you could take a glimpse into the greenhouse, while at others, you could gather design inspiration from the demonstrations of numerous Floral Fundamentals ambassadors.

Now of course we couldn't take the visitors to our flower fields in Africa, but at Marginpar, visitors got to watch all episodes of our new video series, #AskMarginpar. Would you like to follow this series too? Check them out on our Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn page.

Floral masterpieces

The main attraction with us was the live demonstration. On Saturday, it was provided by Gabor Nagy, Alex Segura, and Olga Sharova. They spent the entire day creating the most beautiful floral arrangements on our roof terrace. With a sea of flowers to choose from, their inspiration was boundless. Alex drew inspiration from the summer, and Olga also opted for plenty of cheerful yellows.

Natural craftmanship

On Sunday, the stage belonged to Marek Jakobi, Elisabeth Schoenemann, and Claudia Tararache. Each showcased their unique style. Elisabeth enjoys open designs where you can see every stem clearly, Claudia relishes intricate work like gluing small flowers onto her designs, and Marek prefers simplicity and purity.

All the works were professionally photographed by Conny van der Westerlaken. Soon, those images will be available here as well. Would you like to be notified when they're ready? Sign up here for our newsletter.