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The Marginpar Foundation

The Marginpar Foundation is dedicated to improving the daily lives of communities surrounding our (partner) farms. We joined forces with partner farm Bondeni Flowers and Xanitation Solutions - the XOPI to provide schools in Machame, Tanzania with a sustainable hygiene solution.

Hygiene is an important factor when providing children with a safe and healthy school environment. Poor hygiene can lead to high absenteeism, especially for girls at the age of 11 and above.

Soap bars are available locally at markets, but if left unattended and exposed to weather get soaked, dropped in the gutter or eaten by animals.




The Xopi is a special soap dispenser. It's sturdy, safe and works with regular soap bars, which are easy to come by and safer for the environment than liquid soaps. The Xopi dispenses soap flakes which are grated from the soap bar, kept clean and dry inside. A team from Bondeni Flowers and an expert from Xanitation Solutions has provided hygiene training to school management and pupils, focusing on hand washing, toilet facility cleaning, and maintaining cleanliness in the school compound.



Xanitation Solutions: "The project establishes a baseline for the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WaSH) situation in primary and secondary schools around Bondeni Flowers. Subsequent actions and interventions will be based on this baseline to enhance WaSH conditions in schools. This, in turn, will create a healthier and safer environment for pupils, improve academic performance, and contribute to increased attendance, particularly among girls."