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Frequent Power Outages

In the region, power outages are common, which has forced the school to rely on noisy diesel generators. However, with the donation of solar panels and daylight lamps by the Marginpar Foundation, the school can now generate its own electricity. The solar power was put to the test soon after the installation when the school experienced a three-day power outage!

Marginpar Foundation Provides Solar Energy
Marginpar Foundation Provides Solar Energy

Investing in Education

Sister Cecilia Irangi, the school's director, expressed gratitude for the solar panels, stating that "I am thankful that the classrooms are now well-lit, and the children and teachers no longer have to deal with noise pollution." Another benefit is that the school no longer has to spend money on the expensive diesel generator, allowing them to invest more in education.

The Marginpar Foundation

The Marginpar Foundation is dedicated to improving the daily lives of communities surrounding our (partner) farms. The Boloti Secondary School is located near the Michuru farm in Tanzania, known for producing Clematis, Gloriosa, and Scutellaria.