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Clematis Amazing® Oslo has undergone a transformation! You know how some Clematis Amazing® varieties have one big flower on top, while others have four flowers per stem?

Designing Clematis

Every Clematis starts out with five or more flowers per stem: one on top and four on the side branches. During the development process we look for the best ratio between stem and flower. Some varieties look better with four flowers, while others look better with a single flower on top.

Clematis Amazing® Oslo
Clematis Amazing® Oslo design

The upgrade

Ever since its introduction, we’ve grown Oslo to be a singleton. But a while ago we figured it would be even better with some extra body. So we’ve given it an upgrade and are now removing the top flower during production, so that all energy goes into the four secondary buds.This makes it a great choice for a filler flower!


Auction information

In week 4, the last single-flowered stems were sold. So, if you purchase Oslo now, you're guaranteed to get the spray version!