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Strategic Partnership

Marginpar, one of the largest growers of summer flowers, strongly believes in the importance of cooperation: together you achieve more. With partners, breeders and clients. When both client and Marginpar agree to a long-term commitment, Marginpar speaks of a 'strategic partnership'. Marginpar makes very conscious choices in the partners with whom they work, a strategic partnership only works if you truly strengthen each other. From June 28th 2021 Zami will join this select group. 

Stem Lengths

The cooperation between Zami and Marginpar has been going on for some time now on several volume products of Marginpar, and specifically on the shorter stem lengths. Michiel van Paassen, Sales & Marketing Marginpar: "Although Marginpar does not specifically cultivate these shorter lengths, they are by nature always present, with a substantial volume. Zami, part of L&M Groep, has very good sales channels to the large-scale retail sector where there is a demand for the shorter lengths. Unburdening this type of customer is their specialism.”  

As of June 28th, the cooperation between Zami and Marginpar will be further expanded. Marginpar will supply its volume in the shorter lengths for specific varieties to Zami. Farm fresh and with regular frequency.  

signing Zami, L&M Groep and Marginpar
f.l.t.r: Sven Aertssen, Jan Willem Leeuwenburg, Arnold van Delft, Michel Zaat, Michiel van Paassen and Jamie den Haan 

An excellent fit

Arnold van Delft, Purchase & Sales Zami: "The collaboration between these two companies is an excellent fit. We are most interested in flowers in 40 or 50 cm lengths, whereas Marginpar prefers to offer longer lengths at the auction clock. For Retail, those are unsuitable. Suppose we were to offer 80 cm Solidago to our customers; then we would have problems with transport, the weight would be too heavy, the bouquets would no longer fit in the buckets, and the shelves in the shop are not designed for it. Plus, the waste: we would have to cut the stems shorter, that would all be unnecessary weight coming from the farms to the Netherlands. That is just not sustainable. With a standing order, built-in regularity, we avoid that. That way, we can let the flowers that are suitable for it come in without a sleeve. That saves plastic and creates a smaller footprint." 

About Marginpar 

Marginpar grows flowers primarily for the florist. The auction clock is the most important sales channel. At the auction, a market has been built up for the more than 120 varieties, and buyers can count on a consistent supply of Marginpar flowers - in the correct grades. Based on the demand at auction, Marginpar has set a clear standard for quality and grading per variety. After all, reliable supply and constant quality ensure loyal buyers. To reach and serve the florist even better, Marginpar's Sales & Marketing department works closely with several exporting wholesalers which are market leaders in one or more countries. 

Logo and Pay off

Another of Marginpar's target groups is the English full-service Retail sector where high-quality flowers are used in the bouquets of the better retailers. To serve these retailers Marginpar works together with specialised UK Retail suppliers, based in the Netherlands.  


About Zami

Zami L&M groep logo

Zami specialises in the import of a wide range of summer flowers, from certified growers all over the world: Africa, South America and Europe. Since 2018, Zami has been part of L&M Groep. L&M Groep is structured in a complementary way, so each label can focus completely on its own expertise. For Zami, that expertise is import, while L&M Rijnsburg focuses on Dutch seasonal products such as tulips and gladioli, Lilies Direct on lilies, VE Bloemengroothandel with its Cash & Carry takes care of the finer meshing within the group and the FlowerFactory gives L&M Groep an extension to add value by making bouquets and mono-plus products from both import and seasonal products. On an annual basis, this easily amounts to 90 million bouquets that find their way to Retail. Matters such as administration, logistics and marketing are carried out on a group-wide basis. 


Sven Aertssen, Managing Director L&M Groep: "COVID has increased demand from retailers, who have grown considerably. Meanwhile, the chain is getting shorter. Our customers want a partner who can take care of all their needs, arrange everything for them. Having all the labels under one roof and strong partnerships (like this one with Marginpar) make that possible. We offer regularity, our customers can plan far ahead because we are transparent. We know what comes in all year round and at what price. Plus, it is always fresh. The advantage of a company like Marginpar for us is the sheer scale, quality policy (very high and strict) and presentation. All year round we know what to expect, the bunches are uniform. Plus, all the farms are certified. We can put a label on each bouquet showing exactly where each stem comes from."  

As of Monday June 28th, shorter lengths of certain Marginpar products are no longer available on the auction clock but will be offered through Zami. Please contact Zami at for more information.