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Celebrate life

Behind the initiative are two prominent international artists: photographer Stine Heilmann and floral designer Annette von Einem. They decorated the city to celebrate life. Installations designed to pay homage to the hope and belief that during the haze of the pandemic, life is flourishing. From sunrise to sunset they wrapped the cityscape; 10 blooming spots in the streets and squares are dressed in flowers, and the Copenhageners had a life-affirming art experience on their walk through the city.

We want to give Copenhageners a smile and some hope.

I want people to stop and smile

“Life goes on, and we want to give Copenhageners a smile and some hope - after spending many tough weeks trapped in isolation. Summer is coming and blossoming, nature is alive and giving us hope.” says photographer Stine Heilmann, who with a previous career in the US, seized the idea from Manhattan’s streets right now, and in collaboration with Annette von Einem, makes it Danish.
”The empty streets are in need of colour and life, and with my work I want people to stop and get a smile on their lips,” says the florist in agreement. 

The initiative of the two women has been welcomed both by the City of Copenhagen and by many growers, Marginpar being one of them, to support this great initiative with flower donations. 

We want to perpetuate the time that has stood still in Copenhagen and is now slowly and gently blooming again - and thus, commemorating empty streets.


The citizens could enjoy an 8.7-kilometer tour around the streets of Copenhagen. Some walked, some cycled, some have taken their running trip along the route, so they passed all flower spots. 
Reactions from the crowd were loving, and after a few days Annette and Stine invited the people to take flowers home to their living rooms. Many came, and at the end of the day all flowers were made into handtied bouquets and given away. There was almost no waste and the flowers could enjoy another run brightening up the homes of the people of Copenhagen. On social media pictures were shared with the tag #copenhagenwrappedinflowers, and so reaching people outside of Copenhagen - making them smile.