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In the spring of 2020, we introduced the Talinum paniculatum 'Long John'. This cut flower is grown in Tanzania and bred by Ron de Jong, who also developed our Astrantia Star® series. 
The geographical location of the flower farm, close to the equator, ensures the perfect location for the Talinum to grow long stems all year round, filled with small seed boxes in warm orange and red shades. A special addition to any bouquet, but also stunning on its own. 

The Talinum 'Long John' is not only new at Marginpar, but also completely new in the cut flower world. And that is one of the reasons why both the public jury and the professional jury chose this flower as the winner of the Glass Tulip. The jury report further stated:

Talinum 'Long John' is a fantastic new product! Truly something different in the cut flower category and also really special in a bouquet. Marginpar is known for the good quality of its products and this is reflected in the Talinum.

We, at Marginpar, are very proud and honoured to have won the Glass Tulip. This award stands for 'the best novelty' and therefore also for the importance of innovation. And innovation is in our DNA. Together with our breeders we are committed to growing the most beautiful, exclusive products. So that buyers and florists worldwide can surprise their customers with special products. We excel together. 

It was an exciting race for the Glass Tulip, as we had not one, but two products in the finals. The Clematis Amazing® Havana finished third on the podium. The expert jury praised her for the 'reliability' of the strong Clematis Amazing® series.

The jury: 

Havana is trustworthy, has a good vase life, and is an asset in any bouquet. Havana has the potential to become a star, just like her sisters!