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In an ideal world... 

Photographer Cris de Bos: "In an ideal world everyday I would be amazed by the beauty of nature, would everyone be treated as equal, with respect and there would be no norm on how people are supposed to look or be. But that place doesn’t excist, not on this planet at least. Earth is getting destroyed and there’s still war, hate, racism and discrimination everyday. With me being gay, overweight and having a handicap I know what it’s like to be treated differently, yet it has never defined me. But there are plenty of kids who struggle with this on a daily basis. There wasn’t much representation for me growing up. Same goes for the fashion industry. Fortunately there is more diversity recently, but there are still not enough equal opportunities. Diversity is usually portrait very simple and pure, rarely in combination with high fashion or big concepts." 


In his project I’MPERFECT Cris shows 5 models in an ideal world with each their own unique stories and how they used it as their strength. And with succes. These girls turned No’s into Yes’. 

These girls turned No’s into Yes’

Marit Smit, born without a left hand a now a presenter, host, author and owner of "".

Fareda Johnson, a model born with albinism and founder of 'Golden Shade'; a charity focused on aiding children with albinism in Sierra Leone.

Model and poet Padminie Gajadhar has Vitiligo. A skin condition where pigment disappears, making the native Hindustani Padminie slowly turn white. Padminie Gajadhar is Ambassador of the Vitiligo Association

Your imperfections is what makes you unique and shouldn’t that be the ultimate perfection?

Loiza Lamers, a transgender model gaining international succes while spreading her message of equality, strength and love to the masses.

Kim Feenstra is a successful international model and photographer. Kim was in a serious car accident when she was just 8 months old. She became near deaf because of it. 


Photography: Cris de Bos 
Make up & Hair: Esme DanielsXiu Yun Yu
Styling: Kimberley Wenas 
Studio: studio de Clercq 

Marginpar sponsored several flowers for the shoot. The talented House or Artz turned them in a beautiful floral backdrop.