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We look back on a beautiful Trade Fair. The idea behind the stand was 'The Story of M.': The story of Marginpar. Who are we, what do we grow and how do we do it? In short: we are a grower and importer of innovative summer flowers, which we produce all year round at various flower farms in Kenya, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe and Tanzania. Wherever possible, we do this according to the Kaizen philosophy, using a reverse management method. Sustainability, both for the environment and on a social level, is high on our agenda. Our farms do a lot for the surrounding community. Farm manager Peterson explains it in this video.

At the Trade Fair we gave away an exclusive Marginpar magazine, and of course showcased our flowers. Beautifully presented by Hanneke Frankema and her team. A huge chandelier decorated a 4 meter high greenhouse, the flower wall with double layer looked like a soft floral carpet, there was a vase presentation and 12 cover posters (made by international designers) were decorated with matching flowers.

As an extra gift for the visitors we made a photobooth where you could have a .gif or portrait photo made, which was printed directly, and also ended up in the email. A nice souvenir, which was appreciated by many visitors, as witnessed by the long queue that sometimes appeared to go on the photo.

  • The Trade Fair photographs in this article are made by Nico Alsemgeest

A few figures 

Our range of flowers covers almost 100 varieties. We have tried to show as many as possible in the stand. A few figures: Almost 6000 flowers have been used in the stand. A large number of them were Dianthus (Carnations): up to 1700 pieces disappeared in the flower wall, in 13 different colours!

Flower wall 

The base of the flower wall consisted of 13 species of Dianthus, different types of Hypericum (Tomato Flair®, Sakura Flair®, Magical Triumph and Magical Green Power), several species from the Eryngium Questar® series (Aquarius, Supernova, Magnetar and Capricorn) and a large number of yellow balls of Craspedia Paintball Pop™.

On top of that there was a second layer of flowers, put in water tubes. This layer contained various species from the Clematis Amazing® series (such as the Inspiration, London, Star River and Tokyo) and the tropical-looking Gloriosa Rothschildiana.


The enormous chandelier made many visitors stop for a moment, looking up, to absorb all the beauty. The chandelier contained many different varieties, among them: Chasmantium Latifolium, Scabiosa (bi-colour pink Scoop® and Red Velvet), Asclepia Heron King Pink, Gloriosa Rothschildiana, Jatropha Firecracker, Clematis Amazing® Kibo, Geneva, Oslo and Miami, Crocosmia Lucifer, and more.

Magazine covers

The stand was further decorated with 12 huge magazine covers, made by various international designers. The covers were decorated with the flowers used in the design. Such as the Polianthes Pink Saphire, various Clematis Amazing® varieties, Delphinium, Eryngium, Astrantia, Craspedia Paintball Pop™, Hypericum, Solidago Carzan Glory, Gypsophila Xlence®, Scabiosa Scoop®, Crocosmia and Dianthus.

Vases display

And then there were vases, where different varieties were presented. For example Limonium and Astrantia species, the Clematis Amazing® series, Ornithogalum White Star™, Phlox Ice Cap, Veronica White Joland, Panicum Heavy Metal, Aster Flash, Miscanthus White Cloud and more.

Want to know more about our product range? 

Take a look at the flower page, or download our '19/'20 brochure: