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The epicentre of Floral Art

In late August 2025, national champions of floral design from around the world will compete for the world title at the World Cup Floral Art 2025, organised by the Dutch trade association The Royal VBW in close cooperation with international florists' umbrella Florint. Main sponsors Smithers-Oasis, Decorum, Marginpar, and Jodeco Glass are making this extraordinary event possible.

A championship of magnitude

Preparations for this championship are in full swing. Organising a world championship of this scale requires significant effort. VBW and Florint started working on this event 4 years ago. The World Forum in The Hague will provide the perfect setting for this competition, featuring a spectacular multi-day programme full of workshops and demonstrations - by Floral Fundamentals - and a dazzling show by European champion Hanneke Frankema. Floral professionals from all over the world will attend. It promises to be an extraordinary event.

Hanneke Frankema

Industry heavyweights

Bram Rijkers, Commercial Manager VBW:
“We are fortunate to have four exceptional partners as main sponsors of the World Championship. These industry heavyweights, while operating independently, complement each other perfectly. Each of them places the florist at the heart of what they do.”

Who are these four, and what motivates them to participate? 

OASIS® Floral - and Floralife® Products

Since its founding over 70 years ago, Smithers-Oasis has been deeply dedicated to the growth and success of florists. Smithers-Oasis provides products that make the work of florists easier and enable them to create stunning arrangements.
Dedicated to the growth and success of florists
Chris Martens, Managing Director Smithers-Oasis BeNeLux:
“The DNA of our company reflects that of the florists we serve. This shared passion and dedication drive us to support the World Championship in The Hague. By backing this prestigious event, we not only celebrate the artistry and craftsmanship of florists from around the globe but also contribute to the advancement and recognition of the floral industry.”

DECORUM Plants & Flowers

Decorum is a high-end, premium brand for flowers and plants. It is a collaboration of 50 top Dutch growers who deliver their finest products and innovations under the Decorum name.

Renate Hoogendoorn, Senior Marketer Decorum:
“Our mission? To grow the most beautiful, high-end flowers and plants for florists, garden centres, and wholesalers worldwide. The World Cup Floral Art 2025 is an excellent opportunity to meet thousands of international florists in The Hague and introduce them to Decorum's broad, innovative, top-class assortment. The future belongs to those who believe in their dreams. Decorum proudly supports the dreams of florists.”

Helena van Achterberg, Renate Hoogendoorn, Bram Rijkers, Chris Martens, Linda Eising


With 17 farms in Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe, Marginpar has been providing high-quality, unique cut flowers year-round for 35 years, allowing florists to make a difference.

Creativity, drive, and commitment
Helena van Achterberg, Marketer Marginpar:
“In everything we do, we think of the florist. How can we help them excel? Stay ahead of the competition? Continue to enjoy their craft? We believe this is achieved by creating unique, high-quality flowers with a good story. We are proud to contribute to this championship. The creativity, drive, and commitment at these competitions are truly remarkable. We can’t wait to see the participants in action.”


For over 25 years, Jodeco Glass has been committed to supporting and working with the floristry industry. As an international player, we collaborate closely with our customers, offering both a consistent and diverse range of products, as well as custom designs.

Supporting florists
Jeroen Blaauw, Director of Jodeco Glass, says:
"As one of the largest suppliers of decorative glass and now ceramics in Europe, our sponsorship aims to demonstrate our heartfelt support for the floristry trade and the dedicated people within it!"

World Cup Floral Art 2025

In the coming months, the event plans will be further developed. Ticket sales will start in September. Don't miss it!

Facts & Figures

  • The World Cup Floral Art takes place from 28 to 31 August 2025
  • The winner will be announced on 30 August
  • A special consumer day will take place on 31 August
  • Tickets will be available from September 2024