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A Marginpar Pop Up

"I'm such a fan of your flowers, I'd like to start a pop-up store."
Er... Okay!

To be honest, we at Marginpar don't often get such requests. Never, actually. But if you know us a bit, you'll know that we like a challenge. And such a nice compliment makes us a bit excited, too. A pop-up? How so?

From Concept to Execution

The mastermind behind this special event is German Elisabeth Schoenemann. A talented master florist who travels the world for competitions and demonstration shows, creates work for photoshoots in magazines, and crafts beautiful pieces. Elisabeth says, "I'm lucky to be able to do only work I enjoy, to take on projects I truly love. I'm a big fan of Marginpar; your type of flowers perfectly suits me." She has an airy, technical design style that puts the flowers in full focus. Last year, we saw Elisabeth at Marginpar Aalsmeer during the Floral Fundamentals open days, of which she is also a part. The stunning designs she created, the ease with which she spoke to visitors, and her love for the flowers instantly built trust. The seed was planted, and the idea was further nurtured in other parts of the world. We met backstage again in Chicago at the AIFD symposium and at the Interflora World Cup in Manchester. That pop-up idea, could it really work?

Elisabeth Schoenemann

Buhk Blumen

Market research followed: what location and with which partner could this plan succeed? The choice was quickly made: Buhk Blumen (flowers) in Hamburg. A family business known for selling unique, high-quality flowers. Marginpar flowers were already part of the Buhk range, and Buhk was immediately excited by Elisabeth's idea. Mareike Weißenborn, Buhk's marketing head, says, "I like working with passionate people who are good at their job because they love it. Elisabeth is one such person, and when we heard of this idea, saying 'no' wasn’t an option. We don't just sell flowers, we're here to give our buyers inspiration and new ideas. Of course, we’re in!"

Buhk Blumen Marginpar pop up
Buhk Blumen Marginpar pop up

The plan 

Together, we formed a plan: for three weeks, Marginpar flowers will be featured in a special section of the Buhk stand. Florists will be inspired by Elisabeth's designs, receive Marginpar goodies, and have a chance to win a bucket of Clematis Amazing Vienna in the giveaway.

The campaign starts on April 8th and runs until the end of the month. Of course, we can't do this alone. Our partner OZ Export, where Buhk makes its purchases, is helping us with this campaign. 

Buhk Blumen Marginpar pop up
Buhk Blumen Marginpar pop up

Three Weeks Long

Last Monday, it happened. A Marginpar flower shop within the Buhk stand. Buyers were pleasantly surprised, and the stand quickly started to empty. Fresh flowers are added every day, and the pop-up is neatly arranged again. The enthusiastic sales team gives a lot of confidence; for the next three weeks, they will man the stand and introduce buyers to Marginpar flowers more extensively.

If you're in Hamburg this month, do stop by: Buhk Blumen, Blumengroßmarkt Hamburg, Stand 101. 

Buhk Blumen Marginpar pop up