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As of today, the Hamwe farm and Livewire farm in Kenya together form the Kariki Naivasha farm. Livewire started as a partner farm, but since 2020 fell under the Marginpar Group and because of its proximity to the Hamwe farm, the process of merging was initiated a year ago. The management team had to be merged and the packing sheds were also combined. From everything in duplicate, we are moving towards one strong entity. We have now reached the point where Hamwe and Livewire function as one farm: Kariki Naivasha farm.

Kariki Naivasha farm covers 48 hectares of land, where Hypericum Flair®, Gypsophila Xlence®, Eryngium Questar®, Agapanthus, and various Delphinium varieties are cultivated. It lies at an altitude of 2,100 metres, which gives it a mild climate with few extremes.