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The five Love Languages

Valentine’s day is just around the corner. A great time to surprise our nearest and dearest with their favourite flowers. But what can flowers teach us about love? Every flower has a different story to tell. In this case we use their special traits to highlight the five different love languages. Never heard of love languages? Don’t worry, we have you covered!

The five love languages describe the five ways of expressing and receiving love. Not everyone communicates love in the same way, so it’s important to understand what makes someone feel happy and cherished in a relationship. Similarly, not every flower thrives in the same environment. We have chosen five flowers that express or receive love in a different way, making them a great addition to your Valentine’s Day bouquet.

Words of affirmation - Polianthes Elsa Blush

Words of affirmation

Polianthes Elsa Blush

If words of affirmation is your love language, you value receiving compliments, words of appreciation and acknowledgement in spoken or written form.

We recently renamed our Polianthes Elsa Blush! Polianthes have a lovely sweet scent, they are also used to make perfume. Their fragrance and soft pink colour make Polianthes a wonderful addition to any Valentine’s day bouquet. Who is your epic love? Don’t forget to compliment them today!

Quality time

Craspedia Paintball™ Pop

People who feel most adored when their partner gives them undivided attention will recognise themselves in the love language of ‘quality time’. This love language is all about spending time together and being present in the moment.

Craspedia Paintball™ Pop is often used as a fresh flower, but they maintain their beauty and bright yellow tone very well once dried. A flower that likes spending a long time together! Craspedia can add a surprising pop of colour to your Valentine’s Day bouquet.

Quality time - Craspedia Paintball Pop
Acts of Service - Clematis Amazing Star River

Acts of service

Clematis Amazing® Star River

The love language ‘acts of service’ is all about making someone feel special by making their life a bit easier. Action speaks louder than words is a belief that fits people with this love language perfectly.

Clematis Amazing® Star River loves a trim of her stems and plenty of water. If you take good care of her, she will repay you by opening her delicate flowers and a long vase life. Clematis exudes tenderness with blooms that seem to float like butterflies; a great way to add some romance to your bouquet!

Receiving gifts

Gloriosa Superba Simba Fifty Shades

If your love language is ‘receiving gifts’, you feel most appreciated if you receive symbols of love. It’s not the value that matters, but the thought that went into choosing a meaningful gift.

The Gloriosa Superba Simba Fifty Shades has climbing vines that need some support. Give her a structure and she will grow tall and gift you her brightly coloured flowers. Gloriosa stands out and is very suitable to create a passionate flower arrangement, a great way to express love and appreciation!

Receiving gifts - Gloriosa Superba Simba Fifty Shades
physical Touch - Clematis Amazing Kibo

Physical touch

Clematis Amazing® Kibo

People with the love language physical touch want to receive physical signs of affection often, such as getting a hug or holding hands.

Our Kibo just begs to be touched. Just look at how fluffy she is! Did you know Clematis Amazing® Kibo doesn’t have any petals? What you see are actually the stamens. Add Kibo to your bouquet for a unique touch of softness and make sure to hug the person you give it to!

We hope our flowers have inspired you. Don't forget to surprise that special someone with a Valentine's Day bouquet that matches their favourite love language!