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Clematis - Klaus Wagener
Clematis - Klaus Wagener
Clematis - 365 dagen bloemen
Clematis - Hidde Klink
Clematis - Dmitry Turcan
Clematis - Hanneke Frankema
Clematis - Anna Lamot-Bach

Clematis inspires

Floral designers all over the world fall in love with the Clematis. With her unique appearance she gives that extra special touch to any arrangement. Bring romance with the pastel Tokyo, joy with the vivid Inspiration or go for the wow factor with London. For every moment, there is a Clematis. 

Introduced in 2006, after a decade of research and development, Clematis Amazing® Blue Pirouette was the first Clematis cut flower to be traded at Royal FloraHolland by Marginpar. It takes five years to introduce the next one, but after that, new varieties are introduced on a yearly base. Only the best are selected; requirements are a good vase life (10 to 14 days minimum), strong stems and a unique appearance. Our newest and long awaited Clematis Amazing® family member has a colour that's not been seen before: white. Clematis Amazing® Vienna will be introduced December 2020. 

The Art of Breeding. An amazing story.

“It’s amazing to conquer the world with something new and different” Thus said by Peter van Rijssen, ‘Plant Hunter’ at Plantipp. In this video Peter van Rijssen and breeder Jos van Zoest talk about the enormous difficulties ánd possibilities of breeding your own varieties: the Clematis Amazing® series. 

We go back a century in time. Somewhere a Clematis is used as a cut flower. WW II breaks out and the cut flower disappears. A Dutch breeder goes looking for this ‘cut’ Clematis in the 90’s and ends up in Japan. He sees opportunities to refine the Clematis from garden plant to cut flower. Jan van Zoest, owner of Clematis nursery J. van Zoest B.V., wants to continue developing this flower.

But this cut flower is not easily placed in a vase. The process from breeding to introduction can thus take a decade. Van Zoest goes looking for a partner, someone who is just as fond of innovative species as he is. After having heard ‘not interested’ several times, he arrives at Marginpar. And he immediately receives a resounding yes. The adventure begins... 

Clematis Amazing® marketing package

All you need to know about the Clematis Amazing® series is just one mouse click away! Download our marketing package; with factsheets, photographs and product information.