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ince its first introduction in 2006, our Clematis cut flower has been loved by many in the florist profession and beyond. The delicate petals of the Clematis are something that really catches your eye though. Just like floral designer Dmitry Turcan describes it so poetically: "The flower that floats over a bouquet like a butterfly flies over a flower meadow."

Dmitry Turcan with bouquet on his hand
Credits: Dmitry Turcan

Its sturdiness – and thus high resistance to Botrytis – makes it a tough little fella in every bouquet and arrangement. Nothing is as it seems with this strong flower. But how do you best treat this flower?

In this article, we tell you exactly how to keep your Clematis flowers happy.

Care Tips for a Happy Clematis

Clematis is a grateful flower and if you treat her right, she has a vase life of 10 days minimum. In a warm or dark environment, the life span will be shorter, in a cool and light room, the flowering stems can last up to 3 weeks. Here are a few tips that reveal ‘the secret’ to this long life span and fresh-looking flower that makes your arrangement ‘pop’.

1. Plenty of water

Clematis is a heavy drinker. She loves fresh, clean, cold water, and lots of it. The thirsty clematis, therefore, dislikes small water tubes and floral foam.

Clematis Amazing® Star River, Eryngium, Chasmanthium
Credits: Hanneke Frankema & Nico Alsemgeest

2. Cut & Care

When preparing the Clematis for your bouquet or arrangement, use clean sharp scissors to cut off the bottom part of the stem. As for nutrition, we recommend Chrysal (universal) flower food.

If you remove some of the foliage, the flowers will last even longer. Make sure to take off a few of those leaves if you like your Clematis to shine for at least those 10 days.

branch of Clematis Amazing® Sevilla
Floral design with Clematis Amazing® Sevilla
Credits: Andrada Muller & Christelle Naville

3. Light & Cool

Place your vase with Clematis in a spot where it is as light as possible but not in direct sunlight. These sturdy flowers last best in a cool place. If the vase will be placed in a warm room, make sure to put the vase in a cool place for 24 hours, prior to placing it in its warm spot.

Floral arrangements centerpieces wedding
Credits: Sylvia Hartmann Design & Diana Frohmüller

4. General Care Tips

As for every flower, there are two more things to keep in mind when taking care of your blooming beauties. Make sure to not place them near a fruit bowl. The presence of the fruit accelerates the aging process of the flowers.

Also, use a clean vase; preferably clean the vase with bleach or detergent.

Flower bouquet with Clematis Amazing® Geneva
Clematis Amazing® Geneva close-up
Credits: Hanneke Frankema & Nico Alsemgeest

If you stick to the care tips above, you will be rewarded with a long vase life and fresh, dainty looking Clematis a.k.a. ‘Dancing Queen’ according to floral designer Klaus Wagener:
"I call her my 'Dancing Queen', because Clematis is so light and airy."

Curious to learn more about these airy, romantic flowers with sturdy, flexible stems? Make sure to check out the full Clematis Amazing® Series Guide via the button below and learn about its availability, history, and all the members of the Clematis Amazing® family.  
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