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Starting week 16, all Astrantia varieties will be bunched with 25 stems instead of 50.

Market demand 

Why this change? Because we listen to you. We love to create the most beautiful flowers for florists and designers around the world, but we also heard feedback from the market that sometimes the stem count was not optimal. Especially for florists, 50 stems of one type of Astrantia can sometimes be just a bit too much.


Astrantia Roma has been bunched on 25 stems for some time, and the positive responses have led us to decide to completely make the transition, including our Star® series. Since Astrantia is supplied from various production countries, the transition will take place over several days.

Please note:

  • Astrantia from Marginpar ET (Ethiopia) will be bunched at 25 stems starting Friday, April 19th.
  • Marginpar KD and Marginpar BT (Kudenga and Bondet) will transition on Wednesday, April 24th.
  • Marginpar Tsanga, where Astrantia Roma is grown, was already suppling bunches at 25 stems.

From Wednesday, April 24th, only bunches of 25 stems will be available. Until that time, both 50 en 25 stems per bunch will be available. 


More Astrantia 

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