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Visiting the flower fields

Royal Van Zanten, our breeding and propagation partner for the Limonium China series, paid a visit to the flower fields on Carzan KS Farm recently. The farm is located in Rongai, Nakuru, Kenya.

'The breeder recognises the contributions made by Marginpar, specifically its farm, Carzan Flowers in the production of unrivaled quality flowers of Limonium China White and China Summer and the continuous development of new Limonium China varieties, which are still in the pipeline.' - Thursd.

Limonium varieties

Limonium is a cut flower with a long vase life and a delicate sweet smell. The petals look a bit like paper. The fine branch structure and fragile flowers give it an exclusive and playful appearance. In the 80’s, Limonium was often used in dry bouquets. A trend which has recently made a comeback! Marginpar grows several Limonium varieties, which are bred by Danziger, Hilverda-Kooij, Ball and Royal Van Zanten.

China series

Limonium China White can be recognised by their branching stems full of small flowers in white and yellow. They have long stems of 60-70 cm and each plant produces around 16-20 stems. Another variety in the Limonium China series is the Limonium China Summer which has small flowers in yellow shades. New varieties are currently being tested at the trial site.

Limonium China White - Flowers
Limonium China Summer - Flowers

Carzan farms

The Limonium China Series is grown on Carzan ST and Carzan KS farm in Kenya. The farms are located near the equator, with well-balanced temperatures and weather conditions. This makes the conditions ideal for growing flowers year-round, resulting in a consistent production cycle of Limonium. Royal Van Zanten provides tissue culture plants directly to the farm, resulting in strong stems which surpass our strict quality standards.

Limonium China Summer - Farm

Royal Van Zanten

Royal Van Zanten is a family business with over 150 years of experience with breeding and propagation of plants worldwide. Thanks to the partnership between Royal Van Zanten and Marginpar, we have been able to add multiple new Limonium varieties to our portfolio.