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n part 1 of our Floral Trend Report for 2024 you've read all about our authors inspiration for the floral trends in 2024. The trends of 2024 are divided into 4 categories: 'Transparency', 'Natural look', 'Vegetables, fruits & flowers' and 'Simplicity of the painting'. All inspired by nature.

Floral Trend Report 2024, part 2

We are halfway; and still in the trend 'Natural look'. After the tornado of grasses and sweet blueberry nights, Nicu dives into contrasts... 

Green & white 

Nicu: "The use of structures that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but are also able to dry well, allows us to create long-lasting floral arrangements. Picture an interior bouquet that tells a story of nature’s poetry. Begin with a base formed of long tree fruits, reminiscent of nature’s enduring strength and rooted connection." 

floral trend 2024
flower trends 2024

Soft Gypsophila flowers cascade like a river of white, introducing a soft touch that contrasts against the sturdy foundation. Amidst this serene flow, a clover leaf emerges as a visual accent, drawing the eye like a cherished secret hidden in the landscape.

This arrangement epitomises the dance of contrasts. The interplay between gentle white blooms and robust tree fruits creates a symphony of textures and colours. It’s a visual journey through the subtleties of nature’s design, where each element, no matter how delicate or strong, weaves a narrative of beauty and unity.

The mushroom

Designing a mushroom-shaped floral structure with a combination of flowers, grapes and autumn fruits in purple, green and yellow colours can be a visually captivating concept. Bunches of grapes and autumn fruits add a touch of nature’s bounty.

This arrangement celebrates the rich colours of fall and creates a unique centrepiece or decor for the season.

Creating a structure using vine branches offers a natural and rustic aesthetic. You can arrange the branches in various ways, such as weaving them together to form a decorative arch, creating a wall hanging, or crafting a centrepiece for a table. The versatility of vine branches allows for both indoor and outdoor decor ideas.

floral trend 2024
floral design trend 2024
flower trends 2024 top 10

The Clematis flowers add a touch of elegance and vitality. Their climbing nature makes them perfect for adding height and dimension to an arrangement. We wove Clematis Amazing® flowers through the structure.


Nicu: “The focus on health and wellness inspired me to integrate edibles, aligning with the broader movement towards mindful living.”

floral trend 2024

The wild gifts of nature

‘Wild gifts of nature’ refers to the incredible and diverse offerings that the natural world provides. Using fruits and vegetables from our garden in our floral designs aligns with sustainability and low-budget approaches. This creative use of readily available materials shows ingenuity.

This could encompass a range of things, from the beauty of wildflowers and scenic landscapes to the resources nature provides for sustenance and inspiration. It’s a reminder of the richness and wonder that our environment offers us, often in untamed and unexpected ways.

floral design trend 2024
flower trends 2024

Creating a floral structure using herbs and flowers in a ceramic vase is a creative way to bring the beauty of the garden and floral elements together.

Arranging a mix of herbs, vegetables such as leafy greens and vibrant flowers in the vase to achieve an interesting visual harmony. This mix of natural textures and colours results in a unique and captivating centrepiece or décor piece for your space.

Summer taste

Another wonderful example of creating a beautiful decor while minimising costs and environmental impact. Incorporating watermelons into a table setting creates a refreshing and vibrant display. Hollowed melon halves can be used as unique vases for floral arrangements, adding a touch of creativity. This combination can make for a delightful and visually appealing centrepiece for your table.

floral design trend 2024

Placing wine glasses next to beautiful Gloriosa flowers and summer fruits creates an inviting setting. The vibrant colours of the Gloriosa flowers complement the shades of summer fruits, while the wine glasses add an air of sophistication. This combination would be perfect for a summer gathering or outdoor event, providing a feast for both the eyes and the taste buds.

flower trends 2024
floral trends 2024



Nicu: “People gravitate towards visual spaces that evoke emotions with fewer elements.”

floral trend report 2024

Purple windows

Creating long-lasting, beautifully structured floral arrangements that bring joy and positivity to homes is always a good idea. By investing in well-crafted arrangements with strong, positive colours, you make a unique investment that can continuously brighten your living spaces. This approach not only adds a touch of nature to the interior, but also contributes to a vibrant and uplifting atmosphere that can be enjoyed for years to come. Using purple Clematis Amazing® flowers in a structure called ‘Purple Windows’ creates a stunning visual effect.

floral trend report 2024
floral trends for 2024

Each ‘window’ is adorned with cascading purple Clematis. This arrangement could mimic the idea of looking through windows at a landscape of flowering vines. The vibrant purple hues of the Clematis flowers contrast beautifully with the green stems, creating an engaging and delightful display.

A three-frame wall arrangement can be a beautiful way to add a focal point to a room. Each frame presenting a different size and shape. This arrangement not only brings space, but also infuses it with a sense of beauty and elegance of nature.

Yellow gate

The yellow Craspedia Paintball™ Pop is an excellent choice for creating long-lasting floral structures that evoke positive emotions. Its vibrant yellow colour adds a cheerful and uplifting vibe to any space. Since
Craspedia is known for its durability, you can enjoy its beauty and positive energy for an extended period, making it a wonderful addition to your home decor. 

floral trend report 2024

Creating a yellow gate of Craspedia flowers can be a whimsical and creative idea. Craspedia, also known as Billy Balls or Billy Buttons, are spherical yellow flowers on long stems. We arranged these flowers to form the shape of a gate, with the stems creating the outline and the spherical flowers filling the ‘bars’ of the gate. 

flower trends 2024
top 10 flower trends 2024

This artistic use of Craspedia could bring a playful and cheerful element to your event space or decor.


If you’ve been around the floral industry for some time, you must have come across his work before. He is a popular man on social media, where you can find his work on both his personal account (@nicubocancea) and his company’s account (@florariairis).

Being a second-generation florist, he grew up among flowers and has worked his way up to co-running the very successful event design venture along with 10 floral shops in Romania with his brother. With his extensive experience in the field, Nicu stands as a valuable source of guidance and inspiration in the realm of commercial floristry.

Nicu Bocancea floral designer

We sincerely thank Nicu and the exceptional team for their stunning creations and forward-looking perspective for the year 2024!

To our valued readers: we trust that you’ll find abundant inspiration within. If you happen to translate these trends into your own designs and post them on social media, remember to tag us with @marginpar. Seeing your designs on our timeline brings us great joy.

Enjoy and have fun creating!

Warm regards, 
The Marginpar Crew