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Updated farm information

Explore our newly updated website section dedicated to our farms. Located at the top of each farm page, you can find detailed information about that specific farm, including the certificates they've earned. Navigate to the location section to pinpoint exactly where each farm is situated. Scroll down to discover the various flower varieties grown at each location. Take your time to explore the updated farm information page.

Farm overview page
Farm detail page

Direct insights into flower origins

Excitingly, we released a new feature that allows you to trace the origins of specific flowers. For instance, discover that our beloved Craspedia Paintball™ Pop is grown at the MR Farm in Molo, Kenya. To experience it for yourself, visit any flower product page, such as Craspedia Paintball™ Pop, and scroll to the bottom for more details.

Discover our summer flowers

For over three decades, Marginpar has been committed to cultivating the most extraordinary summer flowers. As pioneers in introducing fresh cut flowers from Africa to Dutch flower auctions, we take pride in producing 300 million stems annually across 460 hectares of production land. Our operations span 17 flower farms located in Kenya, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, and Tanzania.

Farm Photo - Limonium

Crafting quality stems

At Marginpar, the dedication and expertise within our farms play a pivotal role in delivering flowers of exceptional quality and beauty. Blessed with favourable temperatures and abundant sunshine, our farms require minimal heating or assimilation lighting. This allows us to provide a consistent product in steady quantities throughout the year. To ensure excellence, new varieties undergo testing across multiple farms to determine the optimal climate and altitude for the best results. By cultivating each flower in its ideal environment, we unlock its full potential with every harvest.