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Sharing passion for flowers

If you are a floral designer, you probably have heard about Floral Fundamentals. If not, we have a great read about them for you at out story page. Simply put, Floral Fundamentals brings together florists, wholesalers and growers to share their passion for flowers. By doing this, people see what the other person contributes to the chain. It is about creating mutual understanding and mutual trust. We have made an inspiring video with Alison Bradly, one of the inniatiors of Floral fundamentals: 

Design weekends 

Three times a year a group of top florists create commercial floral art to inspire their colleagues worldwide. Due to the international character of the weekends we see flower styles from all over the world. The photos of the designs are used in the free digital Floral Fundamentals magazine, as an inspiration for florist worldwide. But what to do when you can’t get the designers to the flowers? Well, get the flowers to the designers of course! 

Left: Lily Beelen, right: Hanneke Frankema, under: Roxanne van Schelten. Photo at beginning of the article: Hidde Klink

Get creative 

When the first design weekend of 2020 couldn’t proceed, the organisers collected all the flowers from the growers and send them to the Dutch Floral Fundamentals ambassadors. They in turn created and photographed inspiring designs from home. After that, designs were found all over social media and in several floral magazines like Tsvety (Russia), DPK (Dutch), Fushion Flowers (UK), Florieren (Germany), CLIP (Spain) and Bloem & Blad (Dutch). 
It was such a success a second round of ‘home design’ is coming up, from ambassadors abroad. Stay tuned!

Thanks to all the ambassadors!

We want to send out a huge thank you to the Floral Fundamentals team, and of course all the ambassadors that helped: Conny van der Westerlaken, Franka Roenhorst, Geertje Stienstra, Hanky Frèrejean, Hanneke Frankema, Hans Zijlstra, Hidde Klink, Jonas de Vestel, Lily Beelen, Max van de Sluis, Mike Boerma, Roxanne van Schellen and Sandra Attema-Welte. 

If you like to see the ‘home’ designs, check out our Pinterest page. 
Floral Fundamentals Magazine is a free magazine, download it here