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he team at Don Florito Flowers used a gemstones theme for this beautiful table setting that swept us off our feet. Designer Hidde Klink: “Gemstones are becoming more and more popular now that you notice that we are all a bit more conscious about ourselves. The energy of gemstones has a certain effect on people. With this shoot we want to inspire wedding couples and translate love stories into breath-taking floral pieces.”

Versatile flowers 

In this shoot, the team choose several varieties of Clematis, Asters, DelphiniumTalinum 'Long John', Agapanthus, Dianthus and Scabiosa (a.o.) to fit their gemstone colour theme and make free, airy and natural arrangements. “These flowers fit very well because of their colour, shape and the feeling they convey” says Hidde. Photographer Yara Brouwer then captured the beautiful designs on film. 

Flowers done in jewel tones are incredibly versatile. Depending on what you pair these gem-coloured flowers with, the hues can brighten up a spring arrangement or feel warm and lush for a fall or winter wedding. 

Take some advice from the masters and wow the wedding guests with a gemstone inspired table setting with these 5 tips:

1. Focus 

Choose a few elements in the room that you want to highlight and go all out. In this room at Mayor Manor in Amsterdam, Hidde and his team choose the mantelpiece and the table and decorated those as lush as possible. 

2. Find the right balance 

Gemstones come in so many shades and tones that it’s possible to get lost in the possibilities. Hidde choose a colour pallet of red, purple, blue and nude and worked from there. The result: a breath-taking room with many decorations, yet perfectly balanced. 

3. Bring in the details 

You have your colour pallet, your gemstones, your flowers. It’s time to bring in the details: just the right colour candles, combined tableware in warm gold hues, and special designed wedding menus and placeholders that complement the theme. 

4. Use the energy 

The energy of gemstones and crystals has a certain effect on people. They’re thought to promote the flow of good energy. Might be perfect to balance out that weird aunt at the dinner table ;-)

5. The perfect gift 

Surprise the guests at the end of the wedding with a gemstone specially chosen for that person. The perfect wedding giveaway!

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Inspired by the shoot and getting married soon? Contact Don Florito to translate your love story into breath-taking floral pieces.