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ow that the astronomical spring has begun, not only animals are starting to get excited, but people too: excited to get married. Besides picking out the rings, people are carefully choosing the perfect dress, an amazing venue, and beautiful flowers. And for the latter, not only we, but also BLOOM'S VIEW got excited. They chose our Clematis Amazing® varieties: the perfect wedding guests.

Floral arch wedding Clematis Amazing® (‘Kyiv’, ‘Miami’, ‘Blue Pirouette’, ‘Rome’, Delphinium ‘Blue Donna’, ‘Guardian Lavender’, Gypsophila ‘Xlence®, Daucus Carota ‘Dara’, Limonium ‘Princess Diamond’, Miscanthus ‘White Cloud’, Scabiosa ‘Focal Scoop™ Bicolor pink’
wedding chairs ceremony flowers Clematis Amazing® ‘Oslo’, ‘Star River’, ‘Vienna’, Daucus Carota ‘Dara’, Delphinium ‘Guardian Lavender’, Miscanthus ‘White Cloud’

Forever connected

For many, saying "I do" is the highlight of the day. Surrounded by the most beautiful flowers and the most colourful decorations, love can grow and be sealed with a kiss, a ring, and loving words. A true delight for the eyes, four of our Clematis Amazing® varieties ('Kyiv', 'Miami', 'Blue Pirouette', and 'Rome') form the flower arch of love. Delphinium 'Blue Donna' and 'Guardian Lavender' also stand out cheerfully as a positive note. Gypsophila 'Xlence®' symbolizes love and couldn't be left out. In addition to these stunning flowers, beautiful Daucus Carota 'Dara', Limonium 'Scarlet Diamond', Miscanthus 'White Cloud', and Scabiosa 'Focal Scoop™ Bicolor pink' were also given a worthy place. During the ceremony, the bridal couple could sit on chairs decorated with Clematis Amazing® 'Oslo', 'Star River', 'Vienna', Daucus Carota ‘Dara’, Delphinium 'Guardian Lavender', and Miscanthus 'White Cloud' wrapped like a bouquet in a ribbon of white mesh.

Etagere wedding flowers Clematis Amazing® ‘Kyiv’, ‘London’, ‘Sevilla’, ‘Star River’, ‘Kibo’, Scabiosa ‘Focal Scoop™ Bicolor Pink’, Limonium ‘China White’, Gypsohila ‘Xlence®’, Daucus Corota ‘Dara’

The way to the heart is through the stomach

After the wedding ceremony, it is time to celebrate love! And since the way to the heart is through the stomach, tasty bites should not be missing! Shrouded in small glass vases, because the Clematis is a hearty drinker, the flowers decorate the etagere. Together with Scabiosa 'Focal Scoop™ Bicolor Pink’, Limonium 'China White', Gypsohila 'Xlence®' and Daucus Carota ‘Dara’, the Clematis Amazing® 'Kyiv', 'London', 'Sevilla', 'Star River' and 'Kibo' are a beautiful addition. 

Less is more

Until the 90s, it was the groom's job to choose the bridal bouquet, a tradition dating back to Victorian times. In this way, the groom could surprise the bride with a beautiful bouquet. Nowadays, most couples assemble a bouquet together, with the help of a florist. This bouquet consisting of only Clematis Amazing® 'Miami' shows that a mono bouquet wrapped in white romantic ribbon is also a fantastic choice and that sometimes less is more.

Bridal bouquet mono Clematis Amazing® ‘Miami'
Volkswagen van wedding flowers Chasmanthium Latifolium ‘Mantis’, Gypsophila ‘Xlence®’, Limonium ‘China White’, Clematis Amazing® ‘Kyiv’, ‘London’, ‘Rome’ ‘Star River’

Drive into the future

Not only is the wedding venue decorated, the decoration for the wedding car should also not be missing. Adorned with a beautiful flower wreath made of Chasmanthium Latifolium ‘Mantis’ Gypsophila 'Xlence®', Limonium 'China White', Clematis Amazing® 'Kyiv', 'London', 'Rome' and 'Star River', this Volkswagen bus is ready to ride into the future with the bridal couple. The flowers are inserted into foam dipped in water and tied together with nylon threads like a garland and attached to the bus. The journey to happiness can begin!

*The Clematis Amazing® varieties are hearty drinkers. If you are going to make this design, keep in mind that the Clematis works best in water, so make the design shortly beforehand or incorporate tubes of water into the design.
Bridal bouquet Clematis Amazing® ‘Geneva’, ‘London’, ‘Sevilla’, ‘Vienna’, Chasmanthium Latifolium ‘Mantis’, Daucus Corota ‘Dara’, volkswagen bus
Bridal bouquet Clematis Amazing® 'London'

A secret message

We've been getting married for centuries, while some opt for a traditional wedding, others choose a wedding with their own twist. In addition to the wedding dress, the bridal bouquet can also help to style the bride's outfit. In the past, it was believed that you had to put a secret message in a bridal bouquet, which would bring good luck. A tradition that is often continued to this day. Each flower has its own meaning. For example, the Clematis (in this bouquet Clematis Amazing® 'Geneva', 'London', 'Sevilla' and 'Vienna') stands for trust and loyalty. The Chasmanthium Latifolium 'Mantis' symbolizes tenderness. The Daucus Carota 'Dara' provides courage and perseverance, and the Scabiosa exudes romance. Beautiful facets that form an even more beautiful bridal bouquet!

Table decoration wedding diner Clematis Amazing® ‘Havana’, ‘Kyiv’, ‘London’, ‘Miami’, ‘Star River’, Delphinium ‘Blue Donna’, Limonium ‘Princess Diamond’ en Scabiosa ‘Focal Scoop™ Bicolor Pink’, Gypsophila ‘Xlence®’

Dining until late

Table decoration: sometimes it takes a lot, and sometimes the simplicity and beauty of the flower is more than enough.That is exactly the approach here, to let the flowers shine. Glass vases wrapped in white mesh with a romantic ribbon. The vases are filled with Clematis Amazing® 'Havana', 'Kyiv', 'London', 'Miami', 'Star River', Delphinium 'Blue Donna', Limonium 'Scarlet Diamond' and Scabiosa 'Focal Scoop™ Bicolor Pink'. In between, there are small vases filled with water, dinner candles, and bunches of Gypsophila 'Xlence®'. As soon as the sun goes down, the candles can be lit, and the glasses raised. The evening can begin.

Catching happiness

The tossing of the bridal bouquet originated in 14th century England. This tradition arose because it was customary to give a piece of your wedding dress to your wedding guests. To preserve the bridal gown, it was decided to throw the bridal bouquet into the air: whoever catches it will be the next bride! For this large joyful bouquet, a U-shape was chosen so that the bride does not disappear behind the bouquet. The Clematis Amazing® ‘London’, ‘Oslo’, ‘Sevilla’, ‘Star River’, ‘Rome’ and ‘Vienna’ take centre stage in this bridal bouquet. They are accompanied by the Limonium ‘China White’, Polianthes Elle Pink en Scabiosa ‘Focal Scoop™ Bicolor Pink’. All the flowers are tied together with white ribbon, making it an easy-to-carry bouquet. Ready for the catch of your life!

Bridal bouquet Clematis Amazing® ‘London’, ‘Oslo’, ‘Sevilla’, ‘Star River’, ‘Rome’, ‘Vienna’, Limonium ‘China White’, Polianthes ‘Elle Pink’, Scabiosa ‘Focal Scoop™ Bicolor Pink’

Time to celebrate love!