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The flowering power of Asters

The colourful brilliance of Asters formed the inspiration for these breath-taking wedding designs by BLOOM's View. The possibilities of these eye-catching blooms are infinite; Asters come in many shapes and sizes with colours ranging from pastel pink to bright purple. Perfect for a spring or summer wedding. Take a look and be inspired by these diverse design possibilities!

Versatile varieties

We have recently expanded our Aster range by adding new single-flowered and double-flowered varieties. We also introduced the Callistephus Buttons series. The Buttons series is characterised by large flowers in the colours blue, white and pink with a diameter of up to 6 cm. They are available year-round in 60-80 cm.

When it comes to floral wedding design, the possibilities are endless. You can set the atmosphere with table decorations, a wedding arch and of course the wedding bouquet itself. But there’s more! Have you ever considered floral jewellery for the bride or bridesmaids? This wedding shoot has it all, from impactful outdoor arrangements, down to the smallest detail. Asters play the lead role, showing just how versatile these summer flowers really are!

Wedding table decoration - Asters

Table and chair decorations

The centrepiece is shaped like a lush flower cloud made of Asters, Callistephus, Campanula, Scabiosa and Chasmanthium. The base of the design consists of a watered fresh flower foam bowl on a high metal stand, creating the illusion of a floating cloud. The chair backs are decorated with two fresh flower foam wreaths connected by cable ties, which can be attached to the chairs with self-adhesive strips on the back. Glass bell jars containing a single flower are placed on each plate welcome wedding guests at the table. The single stem is placed in clay and secured with pins to keep it in place perfectly throughout the day.

Wedding Chair - Asters
Wedding bell jar - Asters

Bridal jewellery and bridal bouquets

This detailed floral bracelet is created with Aster Dark Milka, Aster Flash, Aster Teeny Tiny Pink, Aster Teeny Tiny Blue and Limonium Anouchka Diamond. It can be matched with the bridal bouquet to create coherence and harmony. The bracelet is made by using ribbon, plug wire, decorative wire (Buco), flower tape and binding tape (both by Oasis). For the bridal bouquet linen fabric is used to tie loosely around the stems. You can let the linen ribbon flow down the wedding dress for a romantic effect.

Wedding bouquet - Asters
Bridal jewellery - Asters

Featured flowers

Outdoor flower arrangements - asters

Outdoor flower arrangements

Big outdoor pieces can serve several purposes throughout the wedding day. They can for example be used at the entrance as guests arrive or for an outdoor photo spot. Both the lying flower arrangements and the flower pillar are based on the same technique: wooden boards with holes are used to pass through cable ties to attach the decorative pieces to the board. Several Aster varieties, Callistephus Buttons White and Pink, Clematis Amazing® London and Campanula Champion Pink are used in combination with greenery to create rich, yet natural looking arrangements.

Cake decoration and flower dome

The cake cutting is often an important part of the wedding day. So why not make the cake even more special by decorating it with a wreath of fresh flowers? In this case the cake itself is also decorated with Chasmanthium Latifolium ’Mantis’ and Scabiosa Bon Bon Scoop™ French Vanilla. To decorate the drinks table, a flower dome is created with a large glass bell. The base of the arrangement is hidden from view by placing Aspidistra leaves around it and securing them with pins.

Wedding cake - Asters
Flower dome - Asters

BLOOM's View Wedding

The designs were created and photographed by BLOOM's View and featured in their latest Wedding edition (No. 10). BLOOM's, led by Klaus Wagener, inspires flower enthusiasts around the world with timeless design projects. 

Design and photography: BLOOM's View