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fter a revival by our breeder Danziger, Scabiosa is back in a big way. And not only that; it is climbing up the favourites list of many florists. And we can see why!

We love these soft cushions of flowers. We notice the darker varieties in designs during the cold winter months, while the lighter colours are favourites for springtime romantic wedding arrangements. In summer, anything goes and everything is possible. What about autumn? 


The season of falling leaves, chestnuts, and lovely walks in the forest. Of stomping in puddles, red wine by the fireplace and glowing cheeks from the fresh air. And then when it's really too wet to go outside, you get to enjoy autumn designs on the table. 

Our friends at BLOOM's VIEW have created beautiful inspiration pieces starring Scabiosa. Watch and enjoy: 

Scabiosa design
Scabiosa design

Autumn details


Seemingly simple, but if you look closely you will see more and more details in this table piece. And the best part: for this composition, you get to go into the forest for autumn finds first! The vases are decorated with autumn leaves and chestnuts are threaded on some Scabiosa stems. The stars, of course, are the Scabiosas, but the BLOOM's team also chose Talinum 'Long John'. And we get why. The branches are full of tiny seed pods in autumnal shades. 

Scabiosa: Dark Cherry Scoop®, French Vanilla Scoop®, Bi-Color pink Focal Scoop™.

Technical masterpiece

So why is this composition so interesting to look at? Besides the choice of colour, with the Scabiosa begging for attention, it is certainly also because of the technique. The bouquet is tied in parallel, with the stems descending in a straight line. The contrast from sleek at the bottom and wild on top creates a pleasant tension. The choice for a bowl instead of a vase completes the composition.

Chasmantium Latifolium Mantis, Clematis Amazing® Kibo, Clematis Amazing® London, and Scabiosa
Scabiosa design
Scabiosa design

Out of the box 

Why be limited by the dimensions and restrictions of the vase? These creative designers like to think out of the box. In this design, a branch is used as decoration, carefully positioned and secured with a splitting rod. The flowers in the vase get stability help thanks to a piece of folded chicken wire inside the base. Finished with leaves and chestnuts, you can no longer see any of that. The height in the piece comes from Panicum ‘Northwind’. We also see Scabiosa Focal Scoop™ Bicolor Pink, Talinum 'Long John' and Astrantia Star® of Love

Scabiosa design
Scabiosa design

In the close-up you can clearly see the structure of Scabiosa. Scabiosa blooms in a special way: it starts at the bottom, and as soon as the lower wreath is filled, it starts again at the top. Then the petals unfold to the lower edge, forming a soft 'cushion'.

Nice and light 

The airiness in this design is just plain bliss, isn't it? In a beautiful base of natural autumn decoration, small acorns, chestnut husks... After which your gaze is drawn upwards by the vertical lines of stems to the top of the design. A cuddly layer of soft Scabiosas, playful Sanguisorba Red Dream® spikes and the fluffy Clematis Amazing® Kibo. The leaves of the Kibo have been removed so that it forms a nice unity with the leafless stems of Sanguisorba and Scabiosa. 

Scabiosa design
Scabiosa design
Scabiosa design
Scabiosa design

Something for everyone 


What we love about the Scabiosa is that each variety has different colour characteristics. Some petals are single-coloured, while others are bicoloured. And then there are the stamens that come in different shades.

In this picture, you can clearly see, the Scabiosa has subtle light purple accents. And these in turn totally match the light purple hues of the Clematis Amazing® London. The third flower is Astrantia Star® of Love and the bouquet is embraced by a collar of Panicum 'Northwind'. 

Scabiosa design


This one makes impact. The team made a wreath out of chestnuts and placed it on the container that holds floral foam. From there, the piece was built up with different shades of Scabiosa, and Clematis Amazing® Kyiv and Astrantia Roma®. The airy branch composition of the Sanguisorba completes it and gives it a playful touch. 

Scabiosa design

For every season 

Another airy design. Holes have been drilled in the wooden disc and water tubes were inserted. Inside the tubes a combination of Scabiosa, Clematis and Sanguisorba. At the bottom, dried tendrils, leaves and acorns make it an autumn piece, but we can also easily imagine this piece as a spring design, with green tendrils at the bottom and little decorative eggs.

That's it. And now, head outside, to collect autumn treasures for your next design!

Courtesy of BLOOM's VIEW