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hey saw an increasing demand for flowers with rich textures, multiple layers of flowers and intensive colours. After several years of research and development with the most advanced techniques, the Scabiosa got a wonderful comeback: the Scabiosa Scoop®. The Scabiosa Scoop® series has strong stems, a high productivity and more than eight colours, including two-tone varieties. The flower is very versatile and can be used open, closed, and even after the petals have fallen out. As a result, the Scoop® is now embraced by florists worldwide.

A perfect climate

The Scabiosa Scoop® grows on the Marginpar Livewire farm, at 2150m altitude on the edge of Rift Valley in Kenya. This location has the perfect climate for the Scabiosa. The days here are long and dry, with lots of light, so the flowers can grow at their own pace. This allows them to develop their signature large flower heads and long sturdy stems.   

The Scoop on Scabiosa! 

Innovation is, and still remains, very important to us and our breeder. That is why we proudly introduce a new variant: the Scabiosa Focal Scoop®. The Focal Scoop variety has an even thicker stem, and an average flower diameter of 3.5 inches. While her sister, the 'regular' Scoop® had an average diameter of 1.5 inches. The Focal Scoop® is therefore even more suitable to be used as a mono flower, or as a semi-focus in a bouquet or arrangement. 

Marginpar is currently growing the Scabiosa Focal Scoop® varieties: 'Hot Pink', 'Lavender' and 'Bi-Colour Pink'. Other colours will follow. 
Check out the 'seasonals' product page for all our Scabiosa Scoop® varieties:

Scabiosa scoop