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Clematis Amazing® compilation 

Clematis Amazing® Havana

Havana was introduced in 2020. One of our newest Amazing® family members and
special for many reasons. Her back is striped, and she has a beautiful heart. The white stamens have deep purple tips. A wonderful sight when the flower opens and a special feature among the cut clematis. This variety has a large flower on top, and four smaller buds on the side branches, which open slowly – usually at the moment the large flower is almost done blooming. A special treat!

Clematis Amazing® Star River

A true star: Clematis Amazing® Star River won a Glass Tulip award for best newcomer at the time. Star River is a favourite variety for many florists. Her pastel hues work well with lots of different colour themes, but the most amazing about this flower is the contrasting striped rear side of her petals. She looks extraordinary from every angle!

Clematis Amazing® Miami

This starfish shaped variety joined the Clematis Amazing® family in 2017. Her soft hues work great in romantic surroundings, but how about Christmas designs? With her star like appearance and dark tipped stamens? Whatever you make with Miami, she is the life of the party. When her enclosed petals gradually unfold, your bouquet comes alive!

Clematis Amazing® Rome

The Clematis Amazing® Rome is a universal flower friend. She works well with vivid tones, with pastel shades, in romantic bouquets and as accent flower. You can use Rome any time, in any situation.

Clematis Amazing® Tokyo

Powerrrrrr! Our Tokyo might look sweet and innocent, but she is the strongest variety of all! That is why we grow her with six flowers per stem. She is so powerful; she will open all six, starting from the bottom upwards. An extra amazing quality is that the flowers will turn upright, against gravity, even when used horizontally. The long vines of the Clematis Amazing® Tokyo are great for special designs: wedding decorations, funeral wreaths, etc. Strong but flexible and excellent to braid, making it a very special flower for those florists that want to stand out from the crowd.

Clematis Amazing® Vienna

We are so excited about this new Clematis Amazing® variety! She has one gorgeous big flower on top, truly magnificent! But most of all: she is pure white! A colour that we, and our breeder, have been chasing for years! Imagine Clematis Amazing® Vienna in bridal work, paring with white and green flowers for winter designs, or adding it as a bright touch in a romantic bouquet with pastel or vintages hues. Possibilities are endless with this one!