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The latest issue of the 'Bloem & Blad', a Dutch florist magazine, has made a beautiful feature with many Marginpar flowers. Led by guest editor Pascal de Laat of The House of Artz, several floral designers show that you can go in many directions with this theme.

Pascal finds it important to offer hands on inspiration to designers. With extensive experience in the wedding scene, this is not a difficult task. How about this lounge sofa, draped with a voluptuous garland of flowers? Or the huge floral cloud full of grasses and blue flowers that adorns the space above it? Both made by The House af Artz designer Michelle Lubink.

We spotted our Delphinium Guardian Lavender, Talinum ‘Long John’, Gloriosa Superba, and Miscanthus White Cloud.

Floral clouds are currently very popular with bridal couples. Elvira Heus-Brouwer made a golden cloud, made of dipped Gypsophila and chicken wire. Yes, #gypsisback! Elvira also made an exciting table decoration together with Julia Kohler

In it we see Talinum 'Long John', Miscanthus White Cloud and Gypsohila Xlence®.

Annemarie Hoekstra and her team have designed a flower circle: "Really something new in the wedding industry”. According to Annemarie, who finds innovation very important and regularly holds brainstorms with her team. It was from such a brainstorm that this circle arose. The circle creates an intimate setting, the bride and groom stands in the middle of the circle and the guests sit or stand around it.

The design is an assembly of different grasses and flowers like the Delphinium Guardian Lavender

All pictures in this article are made by Rein Janssen
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