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Not so long ago we introduced the first white cut Clematis, an enormous hit. Long awaited and desired by many, including ourselves. Innovation is in our DNA, we are working daily with our farms and breeders to create beautiful new exclusive varieties. We are expecting the first bicoloured Clematis variety soon: Clematis Amazing® Sevilla. A sneak preview...

A unique appearance

Sevilla has a look that has never been seen before within the Clematis Amazing® series. Each stem consists of four tulip-shaped flowers in duotones. Sevilla has a creamy white colour on the inside and a burgundy pink colour on the outside of her petals. These double shades are unique within the Clematis cut flower series.


Besides her exceptional shape and colour, her blossoms feel different. Where the previous varieties felt like soft, delicate paper, Clematis Amazing® Sevilla feels more firm and intense. 

Clematis Amazing Sevilla
Clematis Amazing Sevilla
Photo credits
Left: Design Nicu Boncea/Floraria Isis
Right: Design Andrada Muller/bouquet damour, Photography Christelle Naville
Photo at top of article: Design Hanneke Frankema, Photography Nico Alsemgeest 

Love at first sight

This special Clematis can rightly be called 'amazing'. Now, we may be a little biased, so we had her tested extensively by several designers. The most heard reaction was: 'love at first sight'  and the designers were also very enthusiastic about the long vase life of Sevilla. More reaction and pictures of the designs will follow soon in our stories and newsletter!