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Clematis Amazing® Vienna

Vienna has one large flower on top and intriguing curves, but her most special feature is her colour: the petals are white. A colour that we, and our breeder, have been chasing for years! 

Imagine: Clematis Amazing® Vienna in bridal work, in winter designs, or in a romantic bouquet with pastel or vintage colours. The possibilities are endless...

The first reactions of florists who were asked to test the Vienna were overwhelming: "A must-have for weddings", "What a stunner!", "An amazing flower", "In love! Finally a white eye catcher for winter" & "Wonderful! Perfect for bridal work!

Available 7th of December

Starting Monday the 7th of December Clematis Amazing® Vienna will be available at the flower auction in Aalsmeer. In small numbers, so be there on time. In the meantime, Vienna is growing well in the flower field in Tanzania, so we hope to be able to offer her in larger numbers soon, and at other auctions as well.