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Taking a step back

The cultivation of special species does not happen over night. Our Clematis Amazing® series is living proof of that. The perseverance of our team of breeding, growers and producers has ensured that we have a dozen wonderful varieties - with more to come. But sometimes we need to take a step back, to come back stronger. 

Clematis Amazing® Tokyo


One of the most exclusive Clematis varieties is Tokyo. Tokyo is 80cm tall, strong, vigorous and she is the only one cultivated with 6 flowers per stem. At the moment we are supplying a few hundred stems per week. Not enough for the demand and very laborious. Therefore, in close consultation with the nursery, we have decided to temporarily stop selling Tokyo and focus all our energy on propagating this special variety. 

In 1.5 to 2 years' time, we hope to have enough plant material to be able to offer several thousand stems per week, instead of several hundred. 
In the course of week 27 the last Tokyo will be offered, after that it is "Sayōnara" Tokyo for a while...