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Clematis Flower Box content

From week 11, the Clematis Amazing® Tokyo will be offered by Marginpar at flower auction Royal FloraHolland Aalsmeer in an exclusive Clematis Amazing® Flower box. Each box contains 20 stems of 80cm and temporarily includes a special Clematis So Amazing Guide. The guide is full of inspiration and information and can also be downloaded digitally:

Clematis Amazing® Tokyo

Powerrrrrr! Our Tokyo may look sweet and innocent, but she is incredibly strong. That is why we grow her with six flowers per stem at 80 cm. 

Tokyo's long stems are very suitable for special designs: wedding decorations, funeral wreaths, etc. Strong but flexible and excellent for braiding, it is a very special flower for florists who want to stand out from the crowd.

Joseph Massie Clematis Tokyo
Joseph Massie Clematis Tokyo