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ne of the members of this power team is Dmitry Turcan. This designer from St. Petersburg, Russia, worked on the wedding concept "Freedom for Two". His concept matched the wedding trend for 2021: "Close to Nature".

Wedding trend 2021: 
"Close to nature"

Dmitry: "I wanted to go in an organic, a bit of a wild direction with this design. The only artificial object was a golden mirror, which only emphasised the texture of the natural materials." 

wedding trend
wedding trend 2021

The main object of the floral composition was a wall of 3,500 asparagus leaves: an embodiment of the trend towards environmental friendliness and maximum proximity to nature. 

Maximising one element

Dmitry: "The whole composition is based on the concept of one element. I took one characteristic of a material and enlarged it many times. This is how the fluffy asparagus turned into a very soft wall, which combined perfectly with the bride's airy dress."

Back in fashion

"When making a bridal bouquet, I follow the same principle. This is a mono-bouquet made of a new variety of Сlematis - Amazing® Sevilla. She is not yet officially introduced at the time of the photo shoot. I composed it with the Clematis seed box (Kibo) and Miscanthus on a vintage bouquet case, which I think will be back in fashion soon." 

wedding trend 2021 bridal bouquet
wedding trend 2021 bridal bouquet
wedding trend 2021 bridal bouquet clematis

Unusual colours 

"The colour choice can seem strange for wedding photography. I wanted to work with an unusual colour scheme that would not be associated with a wedding. Moreover, I felt that these shades of yellow, grey and orange should have become a trend in the new year. And just a few days before the shoot, the Pantone Color Institute declared grey (Ultimate Gray 17-5104) and yellow (Illuminating 13-0647) the colours of the year 2021. Coincidence or a professional flair? It is difficult to say. For me, it's a symbol of a ray of sunshine, a light that fits perfectly into the concept of our unusual wild wedding."

6 hours of installing

The installation of the flower arrangement took 6 hours. The team consisted of 8 people: professional florists and Dmitry’s students, joined by amateurs who wanted to help. Dmitry: "The result exceeded my wildest expectations, and I still find it exciting to present it to the general public. You will be among the first to see the result of this work."

Dmitry would love to hear what you think! Share your feedback with him here.

Organisation: Unique Wedding Agency , Photography: Eremeev Photography, Videography: Gothleb & Darya Danya, Floristry: Dmitry Turcan, Decoration: Vensa Decor, Polygraphy: Lupin Design, Light: wedlighting, Style: Pakhomova, Dress: Uliana Skopinova, Suit: Barleone, Master of Ceremonies: Darina Sharova  , Make-up: Mary Kuksa, Hair Style: Makeup Freedom, Models: Evgeniy Kezin & Polina Kara