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Marginpar at Plantion

We think it is important to be in direct contact with our buyers, so we like to show our face on a regular basis. This week, flower auction Plantion organised a meet & greet for their buyers. 

We offer almost our entire assortment at Plantion, and are there every day. In addition, we also have the special 'Marginpar Mix' on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. These are, as the name suggests, buckets with 4 to 6 different varieties of our summer flowers. Ideal for the smaller florist! The full proceeds of these mixes go to the Marginpar Foundation.

Marginpar Meet & Greet at flower auction Plantion

The meet

The meet & greet was beautifully decorated by Plantion, and we of course brought our tote bags to hand out. These were filled with, among other things, our latest magazine and the Clematis Amazing® guide. And then it was just a matter of waiting until the auction was over. We spoke to many Marginpar enthusiasts who buy our flowers regularly and were pleased with the good and consistent quality of our flowers. It was a successful morning and we look forward to the next meet & greet at the next auction!


With thanks to Paul Heijmink for the photos.