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A unique bridal photoshoot

The photoshoot for the Spring/Summer '24 Wedding edition of DPK Floral Magazine took place on the 20th of May. Floral designers Hanneke Frankema, Max van de Sluis, Miranda ter Voorde, and Philippe Bas created their work partly on-site, giving Marginpar a unique look behind-the-scenes. Photographers Nico Alsemgeest and Robert Modderkolk captured the designs. The beautiful bridal gowns were provided by Yalisa's Bridal Fashion.

The day was characterised by sunny spring weather, unlimited creativity, and a harmonious collaboration between the designers, photographers and models. It was an honour to see so many talented people at work!

Portrait - Max en Hanneke

About Max van de Sluis

Max van de Sluis grew up among flowers. He began making bouquets at a young age and soon after chose to study floral art. In 1998, he became the Dutch champion, a year later he placed 2nd at the European Championships, and in 2000 he came 3rd at the World Championships. Max decided to follow his dream: teaching and demonstrating around the world. Max is also known for the book series ‘Creative with Flowers’.

About Hanneke Frankema

Since Hanneke Frankema achieved the title of Master Florist, at the time as the youngest florist ever, her career has been a rollercoaster. Her distinctive work has won many national and international awards. She became European Champion in 2022 and Dutch Champion in 2018. Hanneke travels the world providing masterclasses and demonstrations.

Portrait - Miranda ter Voorde

Concept development

DPK’s creative director Miranda ter Voorde and Dittmar Boumans, Senior Advisor and Account Manager at TPK Media & Events, organised the day. Miranda ter Voorde briefed the floral designers in advance using a moodboard. The central theme is 'Bohemian'. Miranda shares that the latest trends, fashion, and Pinterest served as inspiration. The designers were given full creative freedom, giving them the opportunity to go all out with their work. This allowed their signature styles to shine while also creating room for innovation. Miranda herself also created various bridal designs. The result shows a diversity of styles and colour palettes. Dittmar described the atmosphere during the shoot as relaxed. "Everyone helps each other when needed!"

Tip! Check out Marginpar's Pinterest account for inspiration.

Flower selection - Clematis
In his element - Max van de Sluis

Preparing bridal designs

An important step in preparing bridal work is the consultation with the client. Flowers can convey a certain emotion, which is influenced by the choice of colour and style, understated or expressive, and the decision to use foliage or not. The style of the dress and the weather also have an impact. Max van de Sluis advises: "Talk to the couple and observe what they exude and pay attention to their reactions and facial expressions during the conversation. You'll quickly find out what suits them." Also, ensure that clients are aware of the options you offer. If they know what you are capable of, they will be more likely to choose a unique design. Hanneke suggests using a screen TV in your shop to show designs. Showing clients pictures of your designs or some of the frames you offer, can also make it easier for them to visualise the possibilities.

Keeping flowers fresh

For a big event like a wedding, it can be helpful to prepare in advance. At the same time, the flowers must be at their absolute best at the right time: the wedding day. There are several ways to keep your work fresh so you can focus on the finishing touches on the day itself. If you have access to a cold storage room or other cool space, that is a very effective way to keep flowers fresh. Hanneke Frankema uses the cold storage she won during the European Championship Floral Design. Max van de Sluis uses a method that works well as an alternative. He gently sprays water on the flowers using a spray bottle and then covers them with plastic. For delicate flowers like the Clematis Amazing® series and Gypsophila Xlence®, you can use a few sticks to prevent the flowers from coming into contact with the plastic.

Flower arrangements - keeping them fresh

It is advisable to test in advance which flowers are suitable for this method. Alternatively, It can also save a lot of time to prepare the frames in advance so you can focus on the flowers on the day itself.

Workspace - Floral photoshoot
In her element - Hanneke Frankema
Behind the scenes - Floral photoshoot
Behind the scenes - Hyacinth
Behind the scenes - Floral photoshoot

The location

The wedding shoot took place at Landgoed Klarenbeek, a beautiful listed monument near Apeldoorn. The estate has been in the Krepel family for eight generations and has been lovingly maintained and restored, preserving many historical details. The location is the pinnacle of romance with a chapel, bridal suite, restaurant, and terrace. The impressive mansion is surrounded by beautiful gardens, including a stunning avenue lined with trees and an artificial waterfall. In short, many beautiful spots to take photos! Thanks to the beautiful weather, there was also plenty of opportunity for outdoor photography.

Behind the scenes - Wedding photoshoot
Portrait - Hanneke Frankema

An unforgettable experience

It was fantastic to experience this beautiful photoshoot up close. A workspace was set up for the floral designers where we could see them in their element. The concentration and precision with which they worked was incredibly inspiring. It was a busy day with designs being photographed in two locations simultaneously. Despite the dynamic atmosphere, the mood on set was very relaxed and pleasant. We had lunch together and there was plenty of opportunity to talk about a shared passion: the beauty of flowers.

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Assigned by: DPK Floral Magazine
Floral designers: Max van de Sluis, Hanneke Frankema
Art Direction: Miranda ter Voorde
Photography: Nico Alsemgeest, Robert Modderkolk.
Bridal clothing: Yalisa's Bruidsmode
Models: Karin Bakker, Manon Koopman