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A wealth of inspiration

The bridal feature by DPK Floral Magazine showcases the latest in bridal work. Marginpar is one of the flower sponsors and we were very lucky to have the opportunity to be present at the photoshoot. We witnessed floral splendour in various shapes, colours, and styles, and observed as different materials and techniques were applied. The photo series includes a style to suit every couple: loose and airy, sleek and geometric, from pastel colours to deep shades. Max van de Sluis and Hanneke Frankema are both known for their unique styles and innovative spirits. We are happy to present some of their latest works in this article. A source of inspiration for every florist!

Flowing bridal bouquets

The wedding series includes several bridal bouquets cascading down the bridal gown like a waterfall. Yet they are all very different in appearance and execution. On the right side, you see a design by Max van de Sluis. This teardrop-shaped bouquet looks airy and dreamy. The base consists of Gypsophila Xlence®, with delicate strands added on top. Clematis Amazing® Miami appears to float above the design. Another beautiful hanging design by Max is shown below. This understated design in pink and lilac tones is made with interwoven brandy binding wire, with Clematis Amazing® Kyiv, Cambria, and Hyacinth added to the ends.

Wedding Bouquet - Clematis
Floral Design - Clematis
Floral Design - Clematis

Clematis tip from Max: Clematis is a flower that needs a lot of water. Let the Clematis draw water for a day before use and remove some leaves. When the flowers are open and the stems are hydrated well, the flowers will stay fresh much longer, also in floral foam.

Floral design - Gloriosa

Unique structures

Hanneke Frankema’s design on the left features a unique spiral structure wrapped with steel grass. In a few carefully chosen spots, Gloriosa Superba Simba Fifty Shades is added. The design has a modern minimalist look. An innovative take on bridal bouquets!

Hanneke often creates her own handmade structures, but she shares that almost anything can be used as a base. She draws inspiration from everywhere: from the flowers available at the time to the materials she wants to work with. You can adapt items not originally made for flowers and give them a new life as a floral structure. She once found an iron umbrella, which she modified and used in one of her designs. 

And the great thing is that once you've made them, you can reuse these structures multiple time. Using different flowers can give the work a completely new look. And it's sustainable too!

Like a piece of jewellery

Hanneke Frankema incorporated shiny beads and stones into some of her designs. When they catch the light, they create a magical effect, making the flowers sparkle like a jewel.

For example, small diamonds are embedded in this combination of designs in deep pink and red tones. The floral necklace perfectly complements the bridal bouquet with an impressive circular structure of multicoloured wire. The designs include Talinum paniculatum 'Long John' and Clematis Amazing® Kyiv.

Wedding Design - Clematis Amazing Kyiv
Wedding Design - Clematis Amazing Kyiv

If you look closely you can also see shiny details in the fan-shaped design below. Subtle beads wrapped with gold wire are added among the flowers. This design includes Gloriosa Superba Simba Fifty Shades, Clematis Amazing® Miami, and Orchids.

Floral Design - Gloriosa
Floral Design - Gloriosa

This lush design by Hanneke Frankema is truly a work of art. It features a beautiful interplay of flowers in pink and yellow hues. The flowers are taken from their stems and attached to the gold wire structure one by one, a technique characteristic of Hanneke's work. In this design, the light pink flowers of Polianthes Elle Pink and Talinum 'Long John' are combined with orchids in various colours and sizes. A feast for the eye!

Wedding bouquet - Hanneke Frankema
Wedding bouquet - Hanneke Frankema

Gloriosa tip from Hanneke: The Gloriosa's in Hanneke's work have beautifully opened by placing them in banana water beforehand. This speeds up the opening process, ensuring they look their best on the important day.

Bridal bouquet - Craspedia

Matching the season

Max van de Sluis used several seasonal flowers such as Daffodils and Hyacinth for the photoshoot. Combined with Marginpar’s summer flowers, it creates a lush composition with a touch of spring.

The design on the left by Max van de Sluis can be worn on the wrist and drapes gracefully over the gown. The colour palette consists of yellow and pink shades. The spring feeling is enhanced by the use of Daffodils. We were able to observe as Max completed this design on site. The design started out with a base of Craspedia Paintball™ Pop, giving it a dusty yellow tone. As Max adds Clematis Amazing® Miami, Scabiosa Bon Bon Scoop™ French Vanilla, Helleborus Mammoth Red, Limonium Scarlet Diamond, and Astrantia Roma®, the design gradually transforms in colour.

Max explains: Craspedia Paintball™ Pop is a sturdy flower that serves as the base. The design is then built out by adding airy flowers, among which Clematis Amazing® Miami, on top. The ‘dusty’ character of the Craspedia is echoed in the leaves of the Peperomia, creating balance and making the brighter colours pop.

Attention to detail

The work of both Hanneke and Max is characterised by meticulously applied details. Hanneke completely covered the base of one of her designs with the tiny flags of the Chasmanthium Latifolium 'Mantis' which were glued down one at a time. Max added Olive leaves to the base of the design below and combined them with the individual flowers of Delphinium Guardian Lavender. If you look closely, you can even see dew drops on the flowers. These are the details that make the difference!

Wedding bouquet - Max van de Sluis

The bar was set very high during the shoot. Every detail had to be perfect, because the designs needed to photograph well in close-up but also from a distance. Regarding this design with Craspedia Paintball™ Pop, Hanneke mentioned that she carefully selected each Craspedia ball so they are all exactly the same size and colour. This enhances the geometric effect of the design. To finish the design Gloriosa Superba Simba Fifty Shades was applied to the structure of gold wire.

Bridal bouquet - Craspedia
Bridal bouquet - Chasmanthium

DPK Floral Magazine

This photoshoot can be found in the latest issue of DPK Floral Magazine, edition 2 - 2024. Besides the photos shown here, many more inspiring bridal works were created. So if you want to view them all and get a closer look at the details we warmly recommend the magazine.

The designers, photographers, models, and DPK Floral magazine have all done a fantastic job, which we will remember for a long time to come!

Curious about the complete article in DPK Wedding? Visit the website and order the magazine.

Wedding cover - DPK Floral Magazine
Assigned by: DPK Floral Magazine
Floral designers: Max van de Sluis, Hanneke Frankema
Art Direction: Miranda ter Voorde
Photography: Nico Alsemgeest, Robert Modderkolk.
Bridal clothing: Yalisa's Bruidsmode
Models: Karin Bakker, Manon Koopman