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his vibrant ball of beauty lends itself perfectly for home decor. The spheres of Craspedia Paintball™ Pop are made up of many small flowers. The longer the stem, the larger the heads. So if you want the biggest one there is, get the 80 cm stems. Klaus Wagener and his team from BLOOM's Deco have designed some beautiful examples to brighten up your home with Craspedia.

Craspedia as part of the vase with Clematis and Scutellaria


Part of the vase

Even without an eye-catching vase, you can create an impressive piece of decoration. Tie several stems of Craspedia Paintball™ Pop around the narrow vase with a rubber band. Hide the rubber bands with a string, fill with water and add other flowers such as Clematis and Scutellaria.


Welcome home

An embroidery frame serves as the basis for this decorative idea. Individual stems of Craspedia are fixed to the frame with paper winding wire. Then, Miscanthus, Panicum and Chasmanthium are woven in. Tie on a wide ribbon in a matching colour to hang it up, for instance at your front door.

Craspedia hoop on embroidery frame
Craspedia balancing with Clematis, Ornithogalum, Daucus and Scutellaria


Playful balance

This design seems to stabilise itself like Mikado sticks. The basic framework is formed by Craspedia stems connected with paper winding wire. Clematis, Ornithogalum, Daucus and Scutellaria are worked into them and fixed with wire where needed.


Round and round we go

Completely natural, yet artistically designed. The base is a straw wreath, decorated with bark fibres, vines and Mulberry bark. A braid of Raffia brings playful lightness to the work, while Craspedia and Limonium add colour. 

wreath, with bark, vines, raffia and Craspedia and Limonium
This article was made in collaboration with Danziger and BLOOM's.