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Masterpieces by Sam

In the video series ‘Masterpieces by Sam,’ Samantha (Sam) Wilhelm covers important movements in art history. In each episode, she shares her vision and brings her interpretation of the art movement to life with a special design. The 3rd episode of ‘Masterpieces by Sam’ focuses on the style of Gaudí and the Art Nouveau movement. In this episode, she uses flowers from Marginpar to create a stunning masterpiece.

Watch the episode below and be inspired!

Episode 3

About Samantha Wilhelm

Samantha (Sam) Wilhelm is a renowned master florist and interior designer. She specialises in event floristry, concept development, photoshoots, design, and interior decoration. Her work is characterised by finesse, a subtle approach with an eye for detail where every element has meaning or purpose. Sam is creative project leader at Purple-Wire, the independent marketing agency of FM Group. She also runs her own company, met Finnes, where she combines her passion and talent for floral art and interior design.

Closeup - summer flowers
Samantha Wilhelm - Floral designer
Behind the scenes - Masterpieces by Sam

The Art Nouveau movement

Antoni Gaudí (1852 - 1926) was a Catalan architect who significantly influenced the architecture of Barcelona. Gaudí is one of the most famous examples of the Art Nouveau style, also known as Jugendstil, which flourished in Europe between 1890 and 1914. This movement is recognisable by its exuberant, elegant, and organic forms. Nature serves as the inspiration for this style, reflected in plant-like shapes and motifs.

The world-famous Sagrada Família basilica is one of Gaudí’s best-known works. Gaudi’s unique style is characterised by unusual shapes that capture the imagination. He aimed to make his architecture an organic part of nature. For his mosaics, Gaudí often used ceramic shards, as seen in Park Güell, also in Barcelona.

The structure

For this design, Sam uses a structure consisting of a large vertical cross with Salix branches on the top. Test tubes are fixed to the branches with grapevine wire. This shape is inspired by the pillars in the Sagrada Família, which resemble tree trunks with their organic shape.

The cross shape is repeated in the base of the work, which has been covered in polyurethane to create organically curved edges. Sam adds a colourful mosaic to the base and places blocks of floral foam in the centre. She draws inspiration for the mosaic from the colourful bench in Park Güell and she adds glass shards reminiscent of the roof of Casa Milà, another famous building by Gaudí.

Technique - Floral design

Art Nouveau flowers

For the airy, transparent top of the design, Sam uses blue Eryngium, Delphinium, and Gloriosa. Delphinium and Gloriosa are perfect for the Art Nouveau style; Delphinium for its striking shape and Gloriosa for its playful, flexible stems and interesting exotic flower. It's important to keep this part of the design transparent. The Salix branches in the shape of a shield emit a feeling of protection without becoming too oppressive. This mirrors the atmosphere in the Sagrada Família, which stands out compared to other churches with its light, colourful interior.

Floral design - Delphinium

The mosaic

For the base, Sam places the flowers in the floral foam in an overlapping pattern. She starts with the elegant Scutellaria and Chasmanthium, then adds colourful Astilbe, Astrantia, Hypericum, and Callistephus. Next comes Scabiosa; the deep red Scabiosa Maraschino adds contrast and depth. The finishing touches include Talinum ‘Long John’, Clematis Amazing® Vienna, and Clematis Amazing® Miami. Sam explains: “For me, Talinum is a game-changer in a piece. At first glance unassuming, on closer inspection it is the most valuable flower for me, adding more depth and refinement to the piece.”

Mosaic - Floral design
Mosaic - Floral design
Preparation - Marginpar flowers


A wide range of Marginpar flowers is available through FleuraMetz. FleuraMetz is one of the largest full-service partners for florists worldwide. They operate in more than 100 countries and have a wide range of flowers, plants, and supplies. FleuraMetz is part of the FM Group.

‘Masterpieces’ is the ambassador programme of FM Group. This programme aims to highlight the craft of florists as an art form. ‘Masterpieces by Sam’ is part of this.

Photos and video courtesy of FM Group