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nything is possible in 2020. You can do whatever you want! Flowers are a statement, beyond any trend. The red or white rose is never out of fashion. But you can compare flowers with music: old hits continue to sell and new tunes stimulate sales. More than ever, all senses play a role: taste, feeling and sound. There is an increase in scent concepts. Nothing beats natural fragrances! Movement, preferably with sound or light effects, is a must.

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Consumers want to be surprised.


We already have the ordinary and the real. Consumers want to be surprised. Today, everyone is an artist and it is up to retailers to stimulate that creativity. What is natural? That border has long since blurred. We massively dye our hair, add prints or colours to our skin and cosmetic procedures are more popular than ever. This year fake goes very well with natural. Real fake!
The Craspedia Paintball™ Pop is an excellent example of a flower that dyes well. Soft pastels, what's not to like? 

Craspedia pastel

Free forms with purple flowers ranging from very large to very small.


Deep purple is back, the ‘tune’ of the seventies. The time when love & peace was linked to hope. A spiritual time where freedom played a major role. Think of patchouli and amber scents of purple and especially lilac. Extreme free forms with flowers ranging from very large to very small. Wild flowers star in colourful bouquets or in flower wreaths for your hair. (photo: Katherine Asdown)

Flowers that fit this trend perfectly are: Aster Dark MilkaScabiosa Lavender Hoop Scoop® and the Clematis Amazing® series

Dried flowers and grasses are back!


"It’s drying time again"?  They are ordered in large numbers already now. The dried flowers and grasses are back. This is getting bigger! A déjà vu for the older generation, but there are generations for whom this is totally new. Marginpar has quite a few varieties that work great in a dried flower bouquet. How about Limonium, Salvia, Moluccella, Craspedia, Chasmantium, Miscanthus, Astrantia and Eryngium?

(photo: Célestine Morel)

Embrace everything that is soft and diffuse.


Dream, dream, dream...  Dream away with big clouds of Baby’s Breath. Gyp is back. The design sector embraces everything that is soft and diffuse. Especially in white and pastel but even in very bright colours. As long as it looks cuddly. Make your own fluffy, soft and hairy choices! 

(photo: Jun Tan) 

Create powerful forms with bold stripes and round shapes.


Life is a party, and festive decoration is all around you. Embrace the brightest colours, add some humour and keep it simple. Create powerful forms with bold stripes and round shapes. Light up your party and boost it with flowers!

(photo: Clematis Amazing® Kibo)

Extremes combine perfectly!


Cacti in bouquets? Extremes combine perfectly. Put all special reds from over the world together and you’ll have a harmonious mix. You can also mix different colours or choose a ton-sur-ton mix. Choose your extremes and combine them!
(photo: Sabine Könings)

What about Eryngium Magnetar Questar with Craspedia Paintball™ Pop  or Clematis Amazing® Shira with Jatropha Firecracker

A flight into decadence.


‘It’s all about the money...’ Money always finds new forms. In these fast-changing times, a flight into decadence is very logical. Gold and other lustre, mirrors, and crystal effects can highlight the most special flower species or branches. This trend is golden!
(Photo: Alina Neacsa)

Tough flowers, seed pods and branches combine perfectly with lush flowers or fine grasses.


Jungle trends with flamingo and pineapple have reached their peak and are followed by a more rugged, tribal or ‘native’ story. The browns, especially dark and reddish-brown play the leading role in this earthly, primordial theme. Tough flowers, seed pods and branches combine perfectly with lush flowers or fine grasses, preferably in white, yellow or orange contrast.
How about Panicum, Chasmanthium, Miscanthus or Moluccella?   

The individual beauty of the flower or branch pops out.


Ikebana, the most noble form of flower arranging, becomes childishly simple and accessible to everyone. The individual beauty of the flower or branch pops out when the vases or holders are the highlight of the arrangement. Of course, one vase is not enough since the choice of flowers, grasses and twigs is endless. For instance, try our Gloriosa Superba, Delphinium Volkerfrieden or Crocosmia

Serene and peaceful arrangements are back.


White, white and even more white. If there is something that the spirit of the times demands, it is tranquillity. The turnover in yoga and other relaxation aids are rising explosively, many are looking for a better balance. Serene and peaceful arrangements are back in 2020. Namaste!
Shown here are Phlox, Limonium, Clematis Amazing® Kibo and Ornithogalum


About Sandra Könings

Sandra is a ‘trend translator’ with a background in retail and fashion (i.e. Design Director at WE fashion). She founded trendlogic in 2006, purely because she was looking for more after 20 years of fashion. 

Connecting creativity, emotional truth and more rational facts is the essence of my work.

Making the world more beautiful is what drives her. With fashion and with flowers, decoration and food. Her father being an international chef, (she lived in Australia and Saudi Arabia) certainly influenced the love for beauty and good food. Sandra is a positive, creative rebel, with a unique profession. She developed a unique methodology to objectify subjective matters like taste or affection. She goes beyond brand thinking with her customers and uses her own language that offers insight into translating consumer taste preference for products and design. 

Sandra Könings
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